Did you know that sharing new experiences with your friends and your s/o creates deeper bonds than your average Netflix night in? That's why this summer, you have to put your heads together and create your ultimate summer bucket list. Adventure junkies, thrill-seekers and waterfall chasers are going to love this zip line experience in BC!

Treetop Flyers has a unique zip line experience that will have you soaring over roaring waterfalls, cutting through canyons and completely immersed in the wild landscape of BC. If you're lucky, you might even spot deer taking a drink from the edge of a waterfall as you go zipping by! This epic experience has to be on your bucket list if you're down for adventure this summer.

In addition to their signature Canyon Tour that cuts through a gorgeous BC landscape and takes you zipping over waterfalls, Treetop Flyers have two more exhilarating ways to zip, swing and soar. Their Screaming Eagle Swing is a solar powered lift that pulls you 100-feet into the air and then releases you—it's the biggest swing set you've ever seen! They also have a 50-foot "trust fall" gives you the sensation of a scary-as-all-heck free fall backwards.

Treetop Flyers is located in Chase, BC about a four-hour drive from Vancouver and only 40-minutes from Kamloops. Their Ultimate Adventure Package is $99 per person and the Canyon Adventure that takes you over waterfalls is $70.

If you're planning on a road trip this summer then this would make for an exciting addition to your summer bucket list. Plus, Chase is just an hour from Enderby where you'll find the largest drive-in theatre in North America

For more information on Treetop Flyers, check out their website.