You & Your BFFs Can Rent This Tofino Beach House In BC For $65 Each

Beach life in B.C. is a thing of beauty.
Beach House For Rent In Tofino Is Perfect For Your Next Friend Group Trip

Who wouldn't want to wake up to the sound of waves and the fresh ocean air? Tofino is one of B.C.'s worst-kept secrets and it's totally checking out with your BFFs on your next trip. It can be hard to find a cool place to stay that's affordable and convenient, but this beach house for rent in Tofino could be the perfect balance for you. 

Tofino might be a bit of a trek from Vancouver, but it's loved by both British Columbians and tourists for its insane combination of wild ocean shoreline and thick rainforests.

Close by, you can find some of B.C.'s most coveted hot springs that are so remote you need to take a boat to get there.

The Vancouver Island city is also the birthplace of Tacofino and there are fantastic local eateries and breweries hidden around the town waiting for you to discover them.

This beach house makes the perfect basecamp for your Tofino adventure because you are just steps from the beach.

There are two massive bedrooms inside with enough room for six guests. Other than the incredible waterfront location, there's also a covered hot tub surrounded by the trees that will take your breath away.

The home is so popular that it's almost always booked solid, but if you move right now you could snag a booking and plan an unforgettable friend group trip.

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Imagine soaking in the tub and hearing the wind rustle through the trees while you watch the waves.

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Inside, the cabin is cozy and has a wood-burning fireplace so even if the wind is howling off of the water you can stay toasty warm

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The beach house is steep to rent in the summer, but in the offseason, the rate drops significantly. 

The off-season is kinda the best because you get the beaches all to yourself. This is the Pacific Northwest and even on the hottest of days, the ocean is still a chilly swim so you're not missing out on much.

Chesterman Beach House

Price Per Night: from $390

Neighbourhood: Tofino, BC

Why You Need To Go: Spend some time on the wild coast of Tofino the next time you and your friends need a break from the city.

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