You probably assume that beaches and Christmas trees have nothing in common, but this crazy concept will challenge you to think again. The beaches in North Carolina are some of the most sacred treasures of the East coast and believe it or not, holiday pines help to keep them beautiful. The local community joins each year in an effort to recycle the trees to prevent erosion.

The Cape Fear Surfrider Foundation seeks to diminish the negative impact of coastal development through hands-on projects. Many people discard of their Christmas trees without thinking twice, but this environmentally-friendly organization has a different idea that doesn't involve adding more clutter to the landfill. 

After the holidays have come and gone, the grassroots network takes recycling to a whole new level by congregating on Carolina Beach to place Christmas trees in the sand. The purpose of the project, which is in collaboration with the Town of Carolina Beach, is to rebuild the dunes on the outer banks.

Once the trees are placed, they gradually collect sand, hindering it from reaching the shores and consequently building up the dunes.

The initiative began seven years ago when local activists and surf enthusiasts involved in the organization decided to focus their attention on erosion prevention of the cherished shores.

According to a 3WTKR article, passionate advocates have collectively helped to save over five miles of the coastline. 

The volunteer event typically takes place one month after Christmas. Participants aren't even required to bring their own trees (although they are welcome to) because the town collects them. 

North Carolina is not the only spot taking this giant leap toward environmental preservation. Places like Louisiana, New Jersey and even Scotland are also joining in.

Instead of letting your trees go to waste, you can actually let Christmas live on well after December with the gift that literally keeps on giving.