This One-Mile Hike In Washington Will Take You Up An Actual Ancient Volcano

Bonus: Gorgeous views of the Columbia River 😍
Beacon Rock Is An Easy Hike In Washington That'll Take You Up A Volcano

Whether it's the sweeping sights of mountains, active volcanoes or the bluest glacial waters, people in the Evergreen State live for the views, and for good reason. If you'd like to see them all on one easy hike in Washington, the Beacon Rock Trail is the perfect getaway. It'll even take you up an ancient volcano!

Located in Stevenson, this 1.1-mile moderate hike will have you ascend an 848-foot lava core. You'll need a $10/day Washington Discovery Pass to stop by the Beacon Rock State Park where the monolith is located. 

Massive floods over thousands of years ate away the volcano, leaving behind the solid lava that you can climb today. While the U.S. Army Corps planned to destroy it, Henry Biddle got the deal of a lifetime when he bought it for $1!

He even built a system of trails to get up to take in the insane views Washington has to offer. 

The dizzying trail through massive trees will take you up 17 impressive bridges and 54 switchbacks carved into the rock. They even have handrails with plenty of spots to relax.

Once at the top, you'll be rewarded with panoramic views of the Columbia River Gorge.

Don't forget to grab your binoculars because you can also get stunning sights of the gushing Bonneville Dam, Elowah Falls, and Dog Mountain from up here too.

Open year-round, you'll see adrenaline junkies climbing up rocks or people riding through the trails on horses in summers.

While it looks truly spectacular (and blue) in warmer months, a little fog during colder climbs brings with it crazy photo ops — you'll feel like you're among the clouds. 

The elevation can make it cold and windy, so make sure you bundle up and wear shoes with good traction. 

If you're looking for things to do nearby, the state has its very own Stonehenge surrounded by vineyards and orchards that's only an hour's drive away.

After a long, adventure-filled day, you can even wind down at this magical Hobbit house with views of the Gorge. 

Beacon Rock Trail

Difficulty: Moderate

Length: Approximately 1.1-miles roundtrip

Address: 34841 WA-14, Stevenson, WA

Why You Should Go: This short hike will give you the most gorgeous views of the Columbia River Gorge plus you can hike up an actual volcano core!


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