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A Bear On The Loose In the Middle Of Barrie Had Police Warning Residents To Stay Indoors

The bear was strolling through people's backyards.

While many wild animals try to avoid humans, it looks like bears have a mind on their own. A neighbourhood woke up to quite a shock on Friday morning after a bear in Barrie was reported to be on the loose. Police were warning residents to stay inside as they attempted to get the animal out of the area. 

According to Barrie Police, the black bear was initially reported to be in an industrial area near Victoria and John Street. So, the situation started off relatively low risk.

However, the animal later moved into a residential neighbourhood in the area of Brock and Bradford, leading to some close-up photos.

Police were reportedly waiting for the Ministry of Natural Resources staff to arrive when the bear moved into the Debra Crescent area.

According to CP24, the animal ended up nearly 2.5 kilometres away from where it was first spotted.

Photos and videos of the bear have begun popping up on social media. The footage highlights just how close the wild animal was to some residents.

However, police reported at 10:08 a.m. that they had successfully captured the bear after tranquillizing it in a backyard.

“The bear that Barrie police have been tracking since 5:30 this morning has been safely tranquillized by Ontario’s Ministry of Natural Resources and is asleep right now in a backyard on Little Ave. The bear will be loaded into a special trailer and relocated. Great collaborative effort by all,” read a statement by police.

Yet, the City of Barrie isn’t the only one in Ontario to have a run-in with bears this week.

A black bear was spotted in Markham, taking a late-night stroll on Monday night.

Videos of the animal encounter quickly began circulating on Twitter.

Neighbours in the area reported seeing at least three bears in the city on May 25.

However, police only confirmed the sighting and tracking of one animal.