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This 8.8 km Hike Will Lead You Past 3 Incredible Waterfalls In Ontario

You won't believe the beauty of these powerful falls!

Summer is in full-force in Ontario, and what better way to enjoy the longer days than a multi-waterfall hike with your BFF’s. If you’re down for a little walk, this 8.8 km trail will lead you past 3 beautiful Ontario waterfalls. Nestled along part of the York River, Egan Chutes Provincial Park is roughly 2.5 hours from both Toronto or Ottawa making it an ideal summer day trip!

Each of the three chutes along the river produces powerful, picturesque waterfalls. These raging falls are a sight to see amidst the calm surroundings of the park.

Egan Chutes is a non-operating park, meaning the trails are unmarked and unmaintained so be extra cautious when walking near the water. Durable hiking boots are highly recommended as an alternative to sneakers or flip-flops to keep you safe near the slippery rock bed.

There are no visitor facilities, but a handful of tables are scattered about if you want to bring a picnic lunch with you. If you continue on past the three chutes to the end of the trail you’ll find a small open area, perfect for a quick rest. There are also small calm-water ponds where you could dip a toe in if you like.

While you’ll rarely find other people walking the trails in this hidden gem, it is not uncommon to spot deer and other wildlife in the surrounding forested area. Some visitors like to bring their dogs here for a peaceful walk as well, just make sure they are always on a leash.

Egan Chutes Provincial Park

Location: Bancroft Ontario

Price: Free

Why you need to go: You can enjoy a relaxing hike that leads you past three beautiful waterfalls to a peaceful picnic area.