The beauty community on both Instagram and Youtube has grown astronomically in the past few years! From wearable smokey eyes to bright colourful looks, there is constantly at least a few beauty posts floating around your explore page or subscription box. With that in mind, as Canadians we should support our own as much as we support others- and I may be biased but I think Canada is home to some of the best influencers out there right now! 

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Samantha Ravndahl (@ssssamanthaa

Samantha Ravndahl is arguably one of the best Canadian beauty gurus out there, her page is the perfect mix of colourful and wearable looks and is always testing out new makeup and supporting Canadian makeup brands! The Vancouver native has both an Instagram where she showcases her looks as well as a Youtube where she reviews products and does tutorials. 

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Jamie Paige (@jamiepaigebeauty

Jamie Paige is a severely underrated youtuber in the beauty community. Her product reviews and dupe videos are some of the best on the platform and she is constantly putting out innovative videos! The Montreal based makeup lover has both an Instagram and Youtube dedicated to product reviews, dupes, tutorials and best/worst brand videos. 

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Sonjdra Deluxe (@sonjdradeluxe

Sonjdra Deluxe is another Vancouver native who is killing the Instagram/Youtube game. Her charm lies primarily in the fact that she barely uses brushes and applies her makeup haphazardly but always has the most flawless looks. Her celebrity inspired looks are always on point and she is a great influencer to follow if you are into classic glam!

via @amymacedo

Ame Macedo (@amymacedo

Amy Macedo is a Youtuber/Instagrammer from Mississauga. Her niche is primarily classic glam but she is always pushing her own boundaries to create interesting content. One of her talents is her ability to use bold colours in eye looks yet still have it look very natural and classic- her tutorials are an amazing place to learn new techniques and ways to work with intimidating products! 

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Lawrencie Lovette (@lawrencialovette)

This Winnipeg based makeup enthusiast is an emerging artist to watch. Her celebrity inspired looks are not only spot on but beginner friendly. So if you are looking to recreate looks like Rihanna's Wild Thought's look but aren't terribly skilled with a makeup brush, check our Lawrencie's channel! 

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Jessica Mann (@theblondemann)

Jessica Mann is not afraid of colour when it comes to makeup and has some of the most creative looks on Instagram. The Brampton native is always mixing it up, whether it's metallic navy lips or a hot pink smokey eye. If you follow her she will always bring something new to your feed! 

Sooni Sherzy (@makeupbysooni)

Sooni is a Calgary based makeup artist who has definitely nailed the Kardashian makeup style that everybody is lusting after. Her page is great if you are into Kardashian styled makeup as well as a bright highlight- if you're in the Calgary area you can even book her to do your makeup as she is still a working MUA! 

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Alinna (@makeupbyalinna)

Alinna is widely known in the beauty community with 1.2 million followers on Instagram. The Toronto MUA does some seriously impressive makeup and is always working with new products on her page! She also has some incredible outfit and jewelry inspo to compliment her incredible makeup posts! 

via @baileyvanderveen

Bailey Vanderveen (@baileyvanderveen)

Bailey is Toronto based and her page is flooded with crazy eye looks like the one pictured above. Her creative spin on eye makeup and the detail in all of her looks makes her a must-follow. If you are looking to venture more into colourful makeup looks or are just interested in having some fresh makeup inspiration on your Instagram feed, definitely check out her page! 

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Cheryl (@makeupbycherylh)

Cheryl is a youtuber/instagrammer based in the GTA and is seriously talented! Her looks are very staple and wearable with a ton of celeb inspired looks! Her page is also great for learning about new products as she does tons of swatches for newer makeup releases in Canada! 

via @thebeautyvault

Irina Gabriela (@thebeautyvault)

Irina is another Vancouver based instagrammer/youtuber who is a great MUA to follow, especially if you are new to makeup! A lot of her looks are more classic glam and wearable looks that can appeal to people who are just starting to get into makeup! 

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