This generation's celebs have seriously been killing it when it comes to fashion. From street style to movie premiers, it seems that whenever an A lister is photographed these days, their style is absolutely ace. While celebs have a good amount of say in what they are wearing, ultimately what they're photographed in is the product of their stylist's image. So check out which stylist's are styling your favourite celebrity's iconic looks! 

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Rihanna // Styled by Mel Ottenberg @melzy917

In many people's eyes Rihanna has been deemed the fashion icon of this generation. From taking her avant garde looks and turning them into street style to massively oversized pieces, it seems Rihanna is always two steps ahead of every trend. Though the 29-year old singer isn't the main mind behind her fashion, as her long time stylist Mel Ottenberg is the one behind her signature style. 

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Selena Gomez // Styled by Christian Classen @chrisclassen

Selena Gomez went from 0 to 100 this past year with her style, looking amazing whenever she was photographed, and it's all because of Christian Classen. The stylist is the brain behind the singer/actress' major style switch and is constantly changing up patterns, styles and colour to get Selena ahead of every trend.

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Gigi Hadid // Styled by Monica Rose @monicarosestyle

Monica Rose is mostly known due to her decade long run as the Kardashian family's stylist, but also styles Gigi. Gigi's tom boy chic look is all thanks to the veteran stylist who's roster of clients is insane. From Chrissy Teigen and Miranda Kerr to Kaia Gerber, it's evident that celebrities love her eye for style as much as we do!  

Kendall Jenner // Styled by Marni Senofonte @marnixmarni 

After recently breaking ties with stylist Monica Rose, Kendall has opted to recruit Marni Senofonte as her new stylist. The switch that happened a few months prior saw a slight switch in Jenner's style, going from a dedicated neutral wardrobe to seeing some more fun and eccentric pieces being worn. 

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Bella Hadid // Styled By Elizabeth Sulcer  @elizabethsulcer

Bella Hadid's 70's inspired wardrobe as of recent has been orchestrated by stylist Ezliabeth Sulcer. Based in New York, Sulcer has worked with not only Bella and her sister Gigi, but also the entire Victoria's Secret Angel cast including angels like Adriana Lima and Taylor Hill. 

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Beyonce // Styled by Marni Senofonte @marnixmarni

Marni Senofonte was already a pretty popular stylist before Kendall hired her, and it's because she has been on Beyoncé's team for quite a while. Senofonte's love for street style and baggy silhouettes is used to it's fullest extent with Beyoncé's wardrobe both on and off tour! 

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Cara Delevingne // Styled by Rob Zangardi @robzangardi

Both Cara's Valerian and ad campaigns have been styled by popular celebrity stylist Rob Zangardi. The Los Angeles freelance stylist has styled fellow model Suki Waterhouse as well as model/actress Lily Collins.  

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Karlie Kloss // Styled By Karla Welch @karlawelchstylist

Karlie Kloss has stepped up her style as of recent with some gorgeous looks. She has been the perfect inspiration for anyone trying to spice up their style but still remain comfortable and professional looking. This change is thanks to Karla Welch who has styled popular singers like Justin Bieber and Lorde.

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Hailey Baldwin // Styled by Maeve Reilly  @stylememaeve

Hailey Baldwin may not be as big in the modelling world as her friends Kendall and Gigi, but she definitely is on par when it comes to street style. The young model is styled by Maeve Reilly, who nails street style with the perfect balance of chilled out basics and bold prints. The stylist/designer also styles artists like Tinashe and Halsey. 

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Emily Ratajkowski // Styled by Rob Zangardi @robzangardi

Zangardi's eye for style is clearly popular amongst Hollywood's A listers. Ratajkwoski's event style has been the product of stylist/costume designer Zangardi as of recent. His roster expands even further past Emily Ratajkowski and Cara, also being the brain behind both Jennifer Lopez and Hailee Steinfeld's outfits. 

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Miranda Kerr // Styled by Jessica Paster @highheelprncess

The veteran Victoria's Secret Angel always looks sleek and professional but never boring. The model's style is thanks to Jessica Paster, a celebrity stylist that's behind the style of girl group Fifth Harmony and actress Olivia Munn. 

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