Fashion is always changing and evolving, and with Instagram it has become a lot easier to see the trends slowly rise up in popularity before they become main stream. Even with that in mind, everybody wants to be the one who "wore it first," so here are 11 fashion bloggers who are constantly that girl, so you can get inspired and always be ahead of the trend! 

via @madmavenstyle

Nikia Provenzano // @madmavenstyle

Based in Los Angeles, Nikia Provenzano is not afraid to play with some seriously bold patterns. From bright pastels to boho tones, she's worn just about every pattern in the book and documented it on her feed. Her boldness with accessories is another unique element to her style with pieces like massive pom pom earrings. Her overall loud and unique style makes  her a must follow if you want some inspiration to get out of your style comfort zone!

via @mimiandchichi

Gita W // @mimiandchichi

This New York beauty blogger mixes colour and patterned fabric with more toned down looks that still have a personalized feel to them. If you are looking for someone who is going to both inspire and give you ideas on how to spruce up your work wardrobe, Gita is the girl to go to! 

via @lifeofboheme

Marta Cygan // @lifeofboheme

This Polish blogger who travels between Paris and LA is always on top of the trends that are on the rise in Europe. Her style is founded on colour blocking and her feed is flooded with very simple but sleek and elegant looks. If you are looking for inspiration that doesn't require a big budget to obtain, a lot of her ensembles can be created with what you already have in your closet! 

via @thatsotee

Tee // @thatsotee

This Toronto instagrammer is the perfect person to follow if you are into luxury bags and sleek simple fashion pieces. Her mix of affordable clothing pieces with luxury staples will make you want to hit up Yorkville and spend a few pay checks on a designer bag or two! She is also great for finding new spots around the city and getting some fashion inspo, check her out! 

via @tineey

Tineey Tsang // @tineey

If you are a shortie and perpetually feel like you can't rock certain looks that are big in the fashion world, check out Tineey. She's a short fashion blogger who wears anything and everything regardless of her height and rocks it all. From gingham dresses to more toned down looks appropriate for work, you are bound to get some inspiration from her! 

via @erika_boldrin

Erika Boldrin // @erika_boldrin

Erika Boldrin is the girl to go to if you are obsessed with luxurious looking items and adore rich prints. Her feed is full of amazing prints and outfits that haven't hit main stream yet and is constantly onto the next trend before it materializes. From sunglasses to shoes she will give you ideas for every clothing item and accessory purchase you plan to make.

via @officiallyquigley

Quigley // @officiallyquigley

Based in LA, this eccentric fashion blogger gathers inspiration from all different kinds of outlets, from movies to road signs to create unique and lust worthy looks. So whether you are looking to spice up your style with an big sunning hat or are on the hunt for the coolest feature heels, check out Quigley's page! 

via @chantellepaige

Chantelle Paige // @chantellepaige

Chantelle Paige has nailed the boho/festival wardrobe to a tee and has somehow managed to make Coachella attire work year round without looking ridiculous! So if you are into rompers and warm toned patterns, check out Chantelle's Instagram to find stores and brands that carry what you love! 

via @waityouneedthis

Janelle Llyod // @waityouneedthis

Janelle Llyod's Instagram handle speaks volumes for her content, almost every post she publishes will make you want to buy everything she's wearing! From office wear and casual get ups to more bold outfits, she has every corner or fashion covered! Her wearable twists to avant garde trends makes it easy for everyone to jump on the trend!  

via @shannonwillardson

Shannon Willardson // @shannonwillardson

Shannon Willardson has mastered the art of fashion that is comfortable, unique and sleek. Her page is perfect if you are on the hunt to spruce up your style but have comfort as your number one priority. So whether you are looking for something to wear to the office or an outfit you can run errands in, Shannon has tons of ideas on her page that will inspire your next fashion move! 

via @ruslanagee

Ruslana Gee // @ruslanagee

This fashion blogger is based in LA and is the perfect inspiration if you are into the girly girl meets tom boy look. She mixes tons of different frilly and silky fabrics with sneakers and other tom-boy esc pieces to create some really unique and cool outfits! 

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