As a girl, we have so many options when it comes to deciding on what to wear. But sometimes we really don't need that many options and there are just a few basic pieces of clothing that we can wear all the time and look effortlessly cool.

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So here are a list of essential clothing pieces every girl should have in her closet, and where exactly you can find them!

1. Black leggings

This is the heart and soul of every Canadian girl's closet. Black leggings are a must for everyone! You can wear them casually on a day out at the mall or even during those morning pilates. And the black ones give you a slimmer appearance so you can enhance that derriere for your man crush!

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2. Cotton bralette 

A bralette is essential for those days you want to feel comfy and supported, or now it can even be worn on its own thanks to the likes of models like Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner. Neutral colours are super versatile but if you'd like, add a pop of colour to brighten up your closet.

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3. Ripped boyfriend jeans

If your boyfriend's jeans don't fit you, (because that's the case with most of us) you can buy a pair of boyfriend style jeans in your style. These are a must for anyone who loves dressing casual, and with rips in them, this is a look to unleash your inner rebel. 

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4. Pencil skirt

This is the skirt that you can wear to your bestie's wild club night and then wear it to your office job the morning after. Super versatile and it can be paired with literally any top!

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5. Longline black bralette

You can dress this up with the pencil skirt mentioned above and get into the swankiest club in town, or you can dress it down with denim shorts and wear it at that music festival you wanted to go to. The choice is yours!

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6. High waisted skinny blue jeans

1/2 of the closet must have, which is the Canadian tuxedo, is none other than a good old pair of skinny blue jeans. Be a real blue jean baby and sport them with a blouse or a t-shirt and you'll still look hot! The high waisted look gives your waist a cinch and the appearance of longer legs.

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7. Basic bodysuit

A basic t-shirt bodysuit is like getting a t-shirt but only better. It gives the appearance of a cleanly tucked in shirt without the struggle of having to constantly tuck it in. Black, white or grey are the basic closet colours, but a bright solid colour is an option for those who dare!

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8. Black pumps

These are the shoes that you can wear to a wedding, a job interview, and pub night and no one would ever notice you're wearing the same shoes. Endlessly versatile, black pumps can be chosen to your liking, either pointed toe, round toe or even open toe. 

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9. Black tank dress

The LBD lives! Even if you don't like black (or dresses), this is something you will find yourself wearing one day regardless. Opt for a simple silhouette with no embroidery, that way you can build it up with scarves, statement necklaces and belts for a new look every time!

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10. Leather jacket

Who doesn't want to look as hot as Sandy from Grease? A leather jacket is an edgy way to keep warm and look cool at the same time. Pair it with those blue skinny jeans for a bad girl look, or wear it on a summer dress for a soft edge to your style.

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11. Leather crossbody bag

The most stylish way to look cute and keep your belongings safe is with this bag. Choose one in a colour or style that reflects your personality to add a signature trademark to your look (My crossbody looks like a pineapple). The long strap makes sure that you don't even drop it and the leather will protect your goods on rainy days!

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12. Statement watch

The most practical staple that every girl needs is a good old watch. Pick one to suit your taste and comfort, because in this instance style is practicality. To get the most out of this, get a smart watch, so that you can check the time, track your fitness, keep up with the DMs and look cute all at the same time!

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