There's definitely no shortage of beauty gurus on the internet, but when it comes to Canadian beauty gurus, the selection becomes a bit smaller! It's not that there's nobody worth watching in our country, it just seems that the industry is bigger in the U.S.

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Watching Canadian Youtubers definitely has it's perks. If you're watching beauty gurus from other countries, odds are good that the products they're using will come at a higher price, or may not even be available in Canada! Canadian gurus know the struggle all too well, and have the perfect product recommendations.

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If you're looking for some Canadian entertainment, we've come up with a list of just a few of our favourites to share with you! Follow them ASAP, we guarantee you'll become obsessed:

Rachel // @rachhloves


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Rachel is based in Toronto, Ontario, and has a Youtube channel dedicated to makeup! She's got 1.3 million subscribers, all of whom love her makeup tutorials and recommendations, and charming personality! She loves coffee, cookies, and all things beauty!

Allana Davison // @allanaramaa

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Allana is a Canadian beauty, fashion, and lifestyle blogger, although she spends a lot of time travelling; particularly in New York and Los Angeles! She is sweet as pie, and has an amazing sense of style, and an eye for creating the perfect makeup look! You'll want to follow her for inspo ASAP.

Chloé Zadori // @chloezadori


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Chloe is our resident Montreal beauty guru, and there's no denying that she's killing it. Her Youtube channel consists of makeup tutorials, hauls, and OOTD's among other things! Her highlight is always just as bright as her smile, and she's incredibly charming.

Leigh Dickson // @leighdickson

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Based in Vancouver, B.C., Leigh is never one to shy away from a bold look. She loves glitter, bright colours, unique eye looks, and bold lips; she's basically a rockstar and a mermaid all in one. If you're ever after some creative inspiration, you know who to follow!

Ashlee // @makingupashlee

@makingupashleeembedded via  

Ashlee is based in Newfoundland, and definitely has an eye for makeup! Her IG feed is full of gorgeous flat lays of her favourite products, and her Youtube channel is "dedicated to finding the best Canadian makeup products to help acne prone and oily skin"! Not only is she talented, but she's super sweet and fun to watch as well.

Sari Reanna // @sarireanna

@sarireannaembedded via  

Sari is located in Edmonton, Alberta, and has a Youtube channel dedicated to makeup reviews, first impressions, her story of dealing with acne, and many other videos you won't be able to stop watching. She's a super sweetheart and has some of the best cheekbones we've ever seen.

Sonjdra // @sonjdradeluxe

@sonjdradeluxeembedded via  

Sonjdra is yet another Canadian beauty guru who should be on your radar. She's been shared on Rihanna's FentyBeauty Instagram before, and her makeup looks are always KILLER. She's not afraid of a pop of colour, and can rock literally any look.

Farah Dhukai // @farahdhukai

@farahdhukaiembedded via  

Farah has been on Youtube since February of 2011, and as you watch her videos, you can see her talent progress constantly! She's amazing at what she does, and so fun to watch. She's super big on DIY, and has so many helpful tips for her followers!

Jamie Paige // @jamiepaigebeauty

Jamie just so happens to have one of my favourite IG feeds. She's always up to something cool, whether it be beauty related, adventurous, food, or home decor! She's been Youtubing since August of 2013, and her channel consists mainly of makeup looks, hauls, swatches, and tips!

Nee // @neebebe

@neebebeembedded via  

Nee spends her time on the West Coast of Canada, making amazing and super easy hair tutorials, and spending time with her adorable son, Logan! Her IG feed is captivating to look at, and it's even better knowing that she'll teach you how to recreate all of her amazing hairstyles!

Fatima Caser // @fatimacaser

@fatimacaserembedded via  

If you want some extra glow in your life, be sure to follow Fatima ASAP! The girl is a genius with highlighter, and always manages to look totally put together, but still ready for a night out on the town! 

Jean Francois // @jeanfrancoiscd

@jeanfrancoiscdembedded via  

Located in Montreal, Jean Francois is killing the makeup game! When he's not creating super unique looks on himself, he's styling other people in the fashion industry, and his work is seriously amazing! He's got two Youtube channels, one of which is in French, where he shares product reviews, tutorials, and snippets of his daily life.

Raschelle // @msroshposh

@msroshposhembedded via  

In my dream life, I would have the same energy as Raschelle so I could rock a full glam beat every day of my life. She's a former MAC MUA, so there's no denying that she knows a thing or two about makeup! She also uploads videos every week, showing you how to get the perfect blend!

Aya Hamed // @aya.hamed

@aya.hamedembedded via  

Aya is a wizard with a makeup brush. Her videos are all in Arabic, but her captivating work is easy to follow, and she lists all her products in the description bar! She always has the most amazing eyeshadow using a variety of incredible palettes for you to borrow inspiration from!

Kyne // @onlinekyne

@onlinekyneembedded via  

Ever seen RuPaul's Drag Race? We have a future contender here for you! Kyne is located in Kitchner, and is seriously KILLING the drag scene there. He does everything from cosplay/Halloween-esque looks to full glam face beat, and looks seriously major doing it all!

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