Another year, another trend - with 2017 coming to a close, we're more than excited to embrace new makeup looks and styles. With this year being an insane one for crazy eyebrows, blinding highlighters and unicorn everything, 2018 is going be looking a little different.

From boy lashes to glossy lips, white liner to soft and feathery brows, it's time to try something different next year and explore endless makeup looks. You might want to tap into a more natural beauty routine by skipping your typical cat eye look and just dotting your eyes with a bit of liquid black liner, or you might even want to try something bolder and go all out with glittery glossy lips.

From the runway looks of all the biggest designers and makeup masters of SS18 to the top trending searches and saves on Pinterest, here are the trendiest makeup looks you'll be seeing everywhere in 2018.

via @shophudabeauty

Extra AF lashes

By far my favourite trend. Longer lashes have always been the goal, whether it be with a lash lift, lash extensions, falsies or just painting on the mascara.

via @cat_roberts_

Boy lashes

But that being said, short "boy" lashes will also be a huge thing in 2018 for a more natural look. So if you hate spending forever on your makeup in the morning, this is the trend for you to latch on it.

via @3ina

Soft, feathery brows

While the Instagram brow doesn't seem to be going away too soon, a more natural soft, and feathery eyebrow look will be making its way into the new year.

via @glossier

Beauty oils

I can't believe the world is just catching on to this now. Beauty oils are not only great for dry skin types, but oily skin types too. Hair oil, cleansing oil, primer oil, etc. are going to be super in for all beauty routines.

via @patmcgrathreal

Ultra glossy glittery lips

With the unicorn trend still going strong and the launch of Kim K's new ultra-shiny lip glosses, it's no doubt that glossy lips will be in as matte lips go out the door in 2018.

via @ponysmakeup

Rhinestones and sequins

Have fun with your makeup! Not only do you want your glittery lips to shine, add some sequins or rhinestones tastefully to your eye makeup for a cute and adorable look.

via @cocoaflowerr

Glowing, glitter-free skin

When the holidays are over, it's time to put down the glitz and glitter and reach for a more subtle pearlescent glowy highlight.

via @katiejanehughes

Glossy eyelids

We're talking all the gloss. Not just gloss on your lips, but also on your eyelids. This look can be easily achieved by applying a bit of lip salve to the lids.

via @dirty_closet

Dotted eyeliner

If you struggle with drawing on the perfect razor sharp wing, then 2018 is the year for you because dotted eyeliner is going to be a thing. Just draw on a couple dots of eyeliner anywhere around the eyes, and you're good to go. Get creative with it!

via @maccosmetics

Disco glitter eyelids

Not only will glittery lips be in trend for 2018, but so will glittery eyelids. Don't go light with just a shimmery eyeshadow, add some full fledged glitter to the look.

via @glossier

Rose gold tan

Don't forget to apply blush ladies! Not only do you want a glowing highlight, but you want your skin to look like it's glowing from within. Blend your bronzer with some blush and bring it up the high points of your cheeks.

Graphic white liner

Be bold and go for a white liner. Designer Laura Biagiotti's models walked down her Spring Summer 2018 runway with bold white liner and it was beautiful.

via @beasweetbeauty

Glossy red lips

Take the glossy lips to the next level and go for a bright red cherry bomb lip. MAC's Spring Summer 2018 show set the trend for lollipop lips, and now they're giving us a more refined and wearable version.

via @maccosmetics

Bright, colourful eyeshadow

Go big, bright, and beautiful next year with your eyeshadow. Whether it be a bold electric blue, bright canary yellow, or tangerine orange, go big or go home.

via @glossier

Lip tints

If you're not the type to check on their makeup, especially when it comes to lipstick, try using lip tints instead. They are super low maintenance and super beautiful. Thanks to Glossier's Cloud Paints, tints will be in for a while.

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