17 Fvcking Fabulous Beauty Gifts To Give Your Makeup Loving BFFs This Year

We've got the goods.

Everyone has that one friend who is a little makeup crazy (I'm that friend). And tbh, it's pretty easy to find them a present. Usually as long as it's makeup, they will be happy. At least I know I'm quite easily satisfied.

But then again, you don't just want to get them any old makeup. No, no - that is a mistake. If you dare go to the drugstore and get them a little eyeshadow quad from some random drugstore brand (not that there's anything wrong with them at all), you best believe they will get you something of the same value next year. Okay, maybe you have better friends than that, but you don't wanna be that friend that gave a crappy Christmas present.

Don't gift them with makeup that they can buy themselves any old day. The whole point of giving someone a gift is to spoil them! Spoil them with something they wouldn't normally get for themselves, something they'd have to save up for, something they "want" not "need".

So all that being said, if you don't know a thing about makeup, but want to spoil your BFF who does, here are 17 fvcking fabulous beauty gifts to give that will make them fall head over heels. Or if you are a making loving geek, then that friend is you! So treat yo'self!

What would you like to gift?

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