"Baby Botox" Is The Newest Beauty Trend And It'll Give You A Natural Youthful Look For Life


Botox and fillers have been all of the rage as of late. From lip fillers to butt injections, the world of Instagram and the Kardashians have brought the plastic surgery business to a new high. Though it seems a new trend is showing that while plastic surgery will still be prevalent, the results won't be as avant-garde in the near future. 

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The new trend is called "baby botox" and is the complete opposite of going to get a Kylie sized pout. The new trend focuses on getting smaller amounts of botox that look more natural and getting retouches done with longer gaps in between treatments. So instead of getting a typical two or three syringes, for "baby botox," doctors suggest one syringe to half of a syringe. 

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So the main focus of the trend is to go minimal and keep it looking natural. Many doctors have even said that in the long run, these smaller scaled treatments allow for a better look overtime. Considering the skin doesn't stretch over time from massive amounts of botox getting injected into the skin. The switch from more dramatic changes to something more subtle aligns with the trends in makeup as of recent where people are favoring more natural looks rather than full-on Instagram glam. 

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