Makeup is a huge thing right now and it's just getting bigger and bigger by the day. I can confidently say I know close to nothing about the makeup scene but I can definitely appreciate the effort that it takes to make a beautiful look like the ones in this article.

I'm probably not alone when I say that I struggle just to draw a straight line with my eyeliner. But some of the makeup artists right here in Canada can do this blindfolded!

They make stunning looks that will literally make you jaw drop to the ground! Makeup is just as much of an art form as painters, sculptures and dancers and it's amazing to be able to admire the ones that are right here in our own country.

Makeup Artists In Newfoundland And Labrador

Makeup Artists In Manitoba

Makeup Artists In Quebec

Makeup Artists In Prince Edward Islands

Makeup Artists In Saskatchewan

Makeup Artists In British Columbia

Makeup Artists In Nova Scotia

Makeup Artists In Alberta

Makeup Artists In New Brunswick

Makeup Artists In Ontario

For Makeup Artists In Newfoundland And Labrador, Click "NEXT"

April Pink // @aprilpink

via @aprilpink

Where: St. John's 

Skye Tostowaryk // @skyemakeup

via @skyemakeup

Where: St. John's 

Kristina // @artistrybykristina

via @artistrybykristina

Where: Travels 

Allison Best // @allisonbest

via @allisonbest

Where: St. John's 

Emily Pittman // @emilypman

via @emilypman

Where: St. John's 

Cassie // @cassieperfectmakeup

via @cassieperfectmakeup

Where: St. John's

Jenn Rideout // @jennrideout

via @jennrideout

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Desiree Morrisseau // @makeupbydcmk

via @makeupbydcmk

Where: Winnipeg 

Mcristina // @mcristina.mua

via @mcristina.mua

Where: Winnipeg

Feana Hanin // @fiano4ka

via @fiano4ka

Where: Winnipeg 

Bailey Del Bigio // @baileydelbigio

via @baileydelbigio

Where: Winnipeg

Caitlin Marks // @caitmarks

via @caitmarks

Where: Winnipeg

Ashley Tiopo // @ashleytiopoartistry

via @ashleytiopoartistry

Simi Bedi // @simiibedi

via @simiibedi

Where: Winnipeg

For Makeup Artists In Quebec, Click "NEXT"

Sophie Parrot // @misslala44

via @misslala44

Where: Montreal

Marianne // @maarymakeup

via @maarymakeup

Where: Montreal

Cynthia Dulude // @cynthiadulude

via @cynthiadulude

Where: Montreal

Leslie-Ann Thomson // @leslie_ann_thomson

via @leslie_ann_thomson

Where: Montreal

Genevieve Lenneville // @genevievelenneville 

via @genevievelenneville

Where: Montreal

Jacqui Pogue // @jacquibeauty

via @jacquibeauty

Where: Montreal

AJ //


Where: Montreal

Maïna Militza // @mainamilitza

via @mainamilitza

Where: Montreal

Virginie Vandelac // @virginievandelac

via @virginievandelac

Where: Montreal

Roxane Joly // @roxjoly

via @roxjoly

Where: Montreal

For Makeup Artists In Prince Edward Islands, Click "NEXT"

Rebecca Powers // @rebeccapowersmua

via @rebeccapowersmua

Where: Charlottetown 

Larissa Faith // @larissafaithmua

via @larissafaithmua

Where: Charlottetown

Christina Vos // @christinavosmakeup

via @christinavosmakeup

Where:  Cornwall

Kaitlin McCarville // @missktln

via @missktln

Where: Charlottetown 

For Makeup Artists In Saskatchewan, Click "NEXT"

Sara Lindsay // @saralindsaythemakeupstore

via @saralindsaythemakeupstore

Where: Regina

Ariel Feindel // @arielmakeupartist

via @arielmakeupartist

Where: Regina

Caitlyn Dixon // @caitlynadixon

via @caitlynadixon

Where: Regina

Meagan Taylor // @facebymeagan

via @facebymeagan

Where: Regina

Ginette Hall // @ginettehallmakeupartist

via @ginettehallmakeupartist

Where: Regina

Jenna Kress // @jlynkress

via @jlynkress

Where: Regina

Jesyka Chelle // @jesykamua

via @jesykamua

Where: Regina

Shen // @shen_mua

via @shen_mua

Where: Regina

For Makeup Artists In British Columbia, Click "NEXT"

Katie Mulcahy // @lolaliner

via @lolaliner

Where: Vancouver

Rio Translado // @riotranslado

via @riotranslado

Where: Vancouver

Tiana // @tianacosmetics

via @tianacosmetics

Where: Vancouver

Denise Dinh // @aquarius_art81

via @aquarius_art81

Where: Vancouver

Samantha Ravndhal // @ssssamanthaa

via @ssssamanthaa

Where: Vancouver

Joli // @makeupbyjoji

via @makeupbyjoji

Where: Vancouver

Sara Rose // @sararosebuzz

via @sararosebuzz

For Makeup Artists In Nova Scotia, Click "NEXT"

Chantelle Brown // @chantellebrownmakeup

via @chantellebrownmakeup

Where: Halifax

Vicky Mina // @vickyminamakeup

via @vickyminamakeup

Where: Halifax

Sasha Taylor // @sashataylor.makeupartist

via @sashataylor.makeupartist

Where: Halifax

Selena Marchand // @selenamup

via @selenamup

Where: Halifax

Megan Morrison // @megana_morrison

via @megana_morrison

Where: Halifax

Angela Hix // @angelahixmua

via @angelahixmua

For Makeup Artists In Alberta, Click "NEXT"

Zohra // @zobeautyy

via @zobeautyy

Where: Edmonton 

Bethany Earl // @bethanyearlmakeup

via @bethanyearlmakeup

Where: Edmonton 

Sarah Francis // @sarahlarouge

via @sarahlarouge

Where: Calgary

Shirley E // @makeupbyshirleye

via @makeupbyshirleye

Where: Calgary 

Gretzie Parth // @gpmakeup

via @gpmakeup

Where: Edmonton 

Nicole Saxton // @nicoledoesmakeup

via @nicoledoesmakeup

Where: Calgary

Jenn Chivers // @jennchiversfreelance

via @jennchiversfreelance

Where: Edmonton 

For Makeup Artists In New Brunswick, Click "NEXT"

Sarah-Jane Bastarache // @bastarachebeauty

via @bastarachebeauty

Where: Moncton

Angelissa // @vibrantsalonspa

via @vibrantsalonspa

Where: Fredricton 

Jessica Aubin // @redkenartist_jessicaaubin

via @redkenartist_jessicaaubin

Where: Sussex

Amanda Brown // @amandabrownmu

via @amandabrownmu

Where: Fredricton 

Paige Stephenson // @paigeannefx

via @paigeannefx

Where: Fredricton 

For Makeup Artists In Ontario, Click "NEXT"

Krishni // @krishkreations

via @krishkreations

Where: Toronto

Ariana // @glambyariana

via @glambyariana

Where: Ottawa

Alissa Dicosimo // @likesofliss

via @likesofliss

Where: Toronto

Olivia // @livvybeauty

via @livvybeauty

Where: Ottawa

Nadia Joseph // @nadiajoseph

via @nadiajoseph

Where: Toronto

Monica // @mua.monica

via @mua.monica

Where: Toronto

Katherine Innes // @cakefacekatherine

via @cakefacekatherine

Where: Ottawa

Suzy Ferreira // @styledbysuee

via @styledbysuee

Where: Toronto

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