These days tattoos are becoming much more mainstream and aren't considered a taboo topic anymore. People can feel free to decorate their bodies with permanent art and not be worried about getting hired at their dream jobs. 

Sure, there might be the odd employer that doesn't appreciate tattoos, but they're becoming more few and far between. I personally think this is great. I love tattoos, although I only have one, and I appreciate when I see a beautiful work of art on someone else. 

It's a great way to express your artistic side and show people what's really important to you. Of course these are permanent, so tattoos aren't for everybody. But even if you don't see yourself getting your own tattoo, it's still fun to look at these stunning works of art that these amazing tattoo artists are creating all over Canada! 

Tattoo Artists In Newfoundland And Labrador

Tattoo Artists In Manitoba

Tattoo Artists In Quebec 

Tattoo Artists In Prince Edward Islands 

Tattoo Artists In Saskatchewan 

Tattoo Artists In British Columbia 

Tattoo Artists In Nova Scotia 

Tattoo Artists In Alberta

Tattoo Artists In New Brunswick

Tattoo Artists In Ontario

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Tattoo Artists In Newfoundland And Labrador

Mike LeDrew // @troubleboundmike

via @troubleboundmike

Where: Trouble Bound Tattoo, St Johns  

Miguel Rowe // @mistreated_tattoo

via @mistreated_tattoo

Where: Tattoo Society Inc. , St Johns 

Mike Kearney // @karnival_tattoo

via @karnival_tattoo

Where: Karnival Tattoo, Gander 

Jess Kearley // @jessk_tattoos

via @jessk_tattoos

Where: Skin City, St. Johns 

Travis Jones // @tjonestattoo

via @tjonestattoo

Where: Skin City, St. Johns

Jessica Smith // @jessicasmithtattoos

via @jessicasmithtattoos

Where: Lady Lo's Custom Tattoos, St. Johns 

Laura Casey // @ladyloscustomtattoos

via @ladyloscustomtattoos

Where: Lady Lo's Custom Tattoos, St. Johns

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Tattoo Artists In Manitoba

Zac Ironstand // @zac_ironstand

via @zac_ironstand

Where: Noir Studios, Winnipeg 

Graham Thorne // @inkingthorne

via @inkingthorne

Where: Art & Soul Tattoo, Winnipeg 

Jenn Willitis // @jennwillits

via @jennwillits

Where: 13th Hour Tattoo, Winnipeg

Kurt Wiscombe // @kurtwiscombe

via @kurtwiscombe

Where: Tattoos For The Individual, Winnipeg 

Lacey Carriere // @misslaceycarriere

via @misslaceycarriere

Where: Metamorphosis, Winnipeg

Candace Reid // @candacereidtattoo

via @candacereidtattoo

Where: Living Canvas, Winnipeg

Tyler Alderson // @tyleralderson

via @tyleralderson

Where: Kapala Tattoo, Winnipeg 

Rodrigo Mondaca // @rodmondacatattoo

via @rodmondacatattoo

Where: The Collectors Club Tattoo Studio, Winnipeg

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Tattoo Artists In Quebec

Christina Fleming // @christinastattoos

via @christinastattoos

Where: Black Rose Private Studio, Montreal

Dono M. // @dmtattooer

via @dmtattooer

Where: Pop ups all over Canada, based in Montreal

Bert Smallwood // @bertmonster_mtl

via @bertmonster_mtl

Where: Different locations, Quebec City + Montreal

Meaghan Goeb // @meaghangoeb

via @meaghangoeb

Where: Private Tattoo, Montreal

Jf Bourbon // @jftattooer

via @jftattooer

Where: Bait & Schlang Tattoo, Montreal

Alex K'eh // @alexkeh_tl

via @alexkeh_tl

Where: Saving Grace Tattoo, Montreal

Nick Oaks // @nickoaks

via @nickoaks

Where: Bait & Schlang Tattoo, Montreal

David Peyote // @thedavidcote

via @thedavidcote

Where: Imperial Tattoo Connection, Montreal

AZL // @azlmtl

via @azlmtl

Where: MTL Tattoo, Montreal

Kevin Ward // @mrkevinward

via @mrkevinward

Where: Studio The Psych Ward, Montreal

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Tattoo Artists In Prince Edward Islands

Mike Young // @mike_young_edt

via @mike_young_edt

Where: Eternal Dragon  Tattoo, Charlottetown 

Sharky Jones // @sharkyjones

via @sharkyjones

Where: Ironside Tattoo & Piercing, Charlottetown

Jared Sark // @jsark

via @jsark

Where: Ironside Tattoo & Piercing, Charlottetown

Jeff Wilson 

via @soxmerry

Where: Infinite Expressions Tattoo Studio, Charlottetown

Dominic Pirro // Atlantic Tattoo

Where: Atlantic Tattoo, Montague 

Rebechka Essiembre // @rebechka_edt

via @rebechka_edt

Where: Eternal Dragon Tattoo, Charlottetown

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Tattoo Artists In Saskatchewan

Ben Kelsch // @ben_kelsch

via @ben_kelsch

Where: Lucky Panther Tattoo Co, Regina 

Brock Prentice // @brockprentice

via @brockprentice

Where: In Depth, Regina

Alyssa Ermel // @alyssavtattoos

via @alyssavtattoos

Where: Traditional Tattoo, Regina 

Adrienne Ray // @squeaks_heart

via @squeaks_heart

Where: Ace Of Swords Tattoo, Regina 

Trevor Gusikoski // @theotherguy

via @theotherguy

Where: Tantrix Body Art, Saskatoon

Lindsay Humphries // @lindsayhumphries

via @aceofswordstattoo

Where: Ace Of Swords Tattoo, Regina 

Trenton Giles // @flydowntattoo

via @flydowntattoo

Where: Tantrix Body Art, Saskatoon

Nathan Danahoe // @nathan.donahoe.tattoos

via @nathan.donahoe.tattoos

Where: Ace Of Swords Tattoo, Regina

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Tattoo Artists In British Columbia

Isaac Holland // @isaacjholland

via @isaacjholland

Where: Second Street Tattoo, Sydney, British Columbia

Trish Bee // @trishbee

via @trishbee

Where: Rain City Tattoo, Vancouver

Katie So // @ghostmeadow

via @ghostmeadow

Where: Black Medicine Tattoo, Vancouver

Chris Hold // @chris_hold

via @chris_hold

Where: Strathcona Tattoo, Vancouver

Casper Macabre // @caspermacabre_tattoos

via @caspermacabre_tattoos

Where: Ride Fast Tattoos, Vancouver 

Ryan Halter // @mrhalter

via @mrhalter

Where: Steveston Tattoo Co, Vancouver

Arden Ross // @kidmarow

via @kidmarow

Where: Private Studio, Vancouver

Devin Stacey // @devin_stacey

via @devin_stacey

Where: Tradewinds Tattoo Company, Vancouver

Vanessa Dong // @nessaaa_

via @nessaaa_

Where: Private Studio, Vancouver

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Tattoo Artists In Nova Scotia

Keegan Lam // @keeganink

via @keeganink

Where: Halifax Tattoo Company, Halifax

Carissa Marchand // @carissatattoos

via @carissatattoos

Where: Sin On Skin Tattoo, Halifax

Andy Ferrier // @andyferrier

via @andyferrier

Where: Utility Tattoo, Halifax

King Len // @kinglentattoos

via @kinglentattoos

Where: Utility Tattoo, Halifax

Mike Chaulk // @bodychalk

via @bodychalk

Where: Port City Tattoos, Halifax

Amber Thorpe // @ambertattoos

via @ambertattoos

Where: Adept Tattoos, Halifax

Greg Marsden // @tattooer82

via @tattooer82

Where: Brass Anchor Tattoo Lounge, Halifax

Desmond Dineen // @dsmndttt

via @dsmndttt

Where: Classy Tattoo Company, Halifax

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Tattoo Artists In Alberta

Nate // @nwtattoo

via @nwtattoo

Where: Inkorporated Tattoos, Edmonton

Ryan Buttar // @ryanbuttar

via @ryanbuttar

Where: Showdon Tattoos, Edmonton

Alex Eremko // @graviest

via @graviest

Where: Art House Inc, Calgary

Dominique Labelle // @deadandlovely

via @deadandlovely

Where: Gypsy Rose Tattoo, Calgary

Casper Mugridge // @caspermugridge

via @caspermugridge

Where: Showdon Tattoo, Edmonton 

Dustin Fleming // @dirtedustin

via @dirtedustin

Where: Flipside Tattoos, Calgary

Jenny C // @jenniweer

via @jenniweer

Where: Eye of Lotus, Edmonton

Chelsea James // @cjcrafttattoos

via @cjcrafttattoos

Where: Bombshell Tattoo, Calgary

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Tattoo Artists In New Brunswick

Robbie Reeves // @robbiereeves87

via @robbiereeves87

Where: Pain & Pleasure Tattoo, Saint John

Thomas Maxwell // @tatsbytom

via @tatsbytom

Where: Okie Pokie Tattoo, Moncton 

Nigel R Burton // @nigelburtontattoo

via @nigelburtontattoo

Where: Okie Pokie Tattoo, Moncton

Max Baird // @maxkbaird

via @maxkbaird

Where: White Lotus Tattoo, Fredricton 

Zach LeBlanc // @zachleblang

via @sommerbamford

Where: Heavy Rayne Tattoos, Fredricton

Chris De Armas // @chris_de_armas

via @chris_de_armas

Where: White Lotus Tattoos, Fredricton

Mark Jeffrey // @meanmark

via @meanmark

Where: High Tides Tattoo, Saint John

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Tattoo Artists In Ontario

Potter Seunghyun Jo // @seunghyunjotattoos

via @seunghyunjotattoos

Where: FY Ink, Toronto

Mark Prata // @markprata

via @markprata

Where: Toronto Ink, Toronto

Samantha Read // @samreadtattoos

via @samreadtattoos

Where: Cosmic Debris Tattoo, Ottawa

Alex Duquette // @alexduquettetattoos

via @alexduquettetattoos

Where: Blue Blood Custom Tattoos, Ottawa

Alanna Mule // @alannamule

via @alannamule

Where: Bellwoods Tattoo, Toronto

PJ Eagle // @pj_eagle

via @pj_eagle

Where: Living Colour Tattoo, Ottawa

Jay Decator // @jaydecator

via @jaydecator

Where: Passage Tattoo, Toronto

Tony Hu // @tonyhu_chronicink

via @tonyhu_chronicink

Where: Chronic Ink, Toronto

Sarah Rogers // @liberty_ordeath

via @liberty_ordeath

Where: Five Cents Tattoo, Ottawa

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