One of Canada's very own viral skincare and beauty lines is dropping at Sephora this month and people are officially freaking out. 

Loved by Canadians and non-Canadians alike for its affordability, stellar reviews and comprehensive range that offers skincare for every skin type, Deciem's daughter brand The Ordinary has been making major waves in the beauty and skincare scene. 

As a self-professed "Ordinary" girl, this is huge news. Because although the skincare/ beauty line has unique stores across Ontario, including one of the best Toronto storefronts of all time, having the line that we love so much in Sephora stores makes getting our hands on these goodies that much easier. 

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Backed by science and a ton of adoring fan-girls and guys, The Ordinary has garnered huge popularity over the past year thanks to its cult following and its efficacy on delivering glowing, beautiful skin to all of us ordinary people out here with shallow wallets and deep pores. 

via @deciem

With their all-vegan, silicone-free products priced as low as $5, you can't help but wonder how the hell a brand like this pays the bills, considering all of their products and oils are locally-sourced or produced. 

But the brand's immense popularity and 25,000-person-long waiting lists might contribute a thing or two to its overall success. 

Out of all of Deciem's brands, The Ordinary has set itself apart, even in a company that prides itself on being "The Abnormal Beauty Company." And although all of Deciem's brands and lines won't be coming to Sephora this month, skincare-lovers will be more than satisfied by what The Ordinary has to offer. 

The Ordinary will be hitting Sephora Canada's online shelves by December 20 according to reports, and our guesstimate is that this will be around the same time that the viral brand launches its $7 full-coverage foundation that is thinner than water. Deciem's Founder and CEO, Brandon Truaxe, told reports that Canadians can expect the line to be in stores by March, depending on availability after the crazy online shopping at Sephora begins. 

Source: Allure 

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