If you're like me, you're always looking for ways to wake-up and roll out of bed while not looking like a total troll. Over the years, I've discovered some beauty tips that have helped to make myself more easy, breezy and beautiful without all of the fuss. One of my favourites was always curling my eyelashes for a quick, alert and pretty look to my eyes. I knew that eyelash extensions were around and although they were pretty - they were pretty expensive - meaning I needed to find something else to make my eyelashes look bomb. 

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Enter, the lash lift. I couldn't help but notice that Kourtney, Kim and Khloe seemed to have these amazing, always curled, always lifted lashes - no matter what. Although the stars sometimes use extensions for make-up looks, even their no-makeup lashes looked gorgeous - that's when I knew something was up. Big Kardashian make-up gurus like HRush started raving about the power of a Lash Lift, how beautiful it was and how flawless it could make your lashes. I quickly showered the internet for pictures and was soon #shook. 

via @motherpluckers.co

So what is a lash lift you ask? It's essentially a perm for your lashes to keep them lifted, separated and looking beautiful 24/7. It's low maintenance and semi-permanent, with the effects fading after 6-8 weeks. It doesn't damage your lashes or make you lose lashes, like I feared extensions would, and simply makes the most out of the natural lashes that you have. Sign me TF up!! I got lashed at MotherPluckers in Mississauga by their CEO Vanessa. Vanessa's been doing lash lifts for 8 years, way before the Kardashians. Note: It's always important to know a technician's credentials before you let them anywhere near your face!!! 

The overall process took about an hour and a half of Vanessa perming my lashes. Towards the end, we decided to tint them as well for extra drama, which took another 15 minutes. She also decided to set me up with a an eye mask which you can see, looks very glam. 

Although I was low key-falling asleep while getting my lashes done, I didn't experience any discomfort, pain or irritation which I was super worried about considering my sensitive skin. My lashes looked gorgeous, long, and super separated - perfect for a vacation or a little oomph to your everyday look. For now, I have to wait 24hrs until put on any mascara to make sure the lift sets properly but the anticipation is KILLING me. To learn more about lash lifts or book your own appointment, click here

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