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Khloe Kardashian's Favourite Skincare Product Is Only $15 And We Are Freaking Out

Only $15?!

The Kardashians have become the go-to beauty moguls when it comes to anything from eyeshadow and lipstick to skincare. It makes sense considering they are constantly sporting flawless makeup and latest trends thanks to having a roster of A-lister  makeup artists at their feet. 

Though it seems that not everything the Kardashians use comes at the cost of a month's rent. Khloé recently revealed on her snapchat that with her pregnancy routine came a big skincare change, but it's one that barely broke the bank (and we aren't talking by her standards of what breaks the bank of course). 

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While she did feature some more luxurious products like a La Mer's moisturizing mask and the Charlotte Tilbury magic cream, there was one extremely inexpensive product included in the mix- the Bioderma Sensibio H2O. 

If you haven't heard of the product already, it's loved and obsessed over by many makeup lovers as it's a cult-favourite micellar water. It's the perfect way to remove makeup and dirt from the skin without being too rough with you skin and causing fine lines. Plus it only costs you $15! Though if you really love it you can snag an even bigger size for $25.

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Khloé isn't the only one who loves the product, considering professional makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes sees is as one of her top five favourite products of all time. Yea- it's that good

So where can you grab it? It's available at your local pharmacy, so check out your local Shoppers during deal days to get an even bigger discount. Though the Bioderma product wasn't the only inexpensive item in Khloé's top favs, she also noted that the Lait Creme Concentre ($41) and PanOxyl Anti-Acne Face Wash ($13) are also amongst her favourites which you can buy here and here

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