Kylie fans and makeup enthusiasts alike are calling out Kylie Jenner for the atrocious quality of her ridiculously overpriced cosmetics products, as well as for her company's awful customer service.

Call them jealous, call them hateful, but don't call them liars. These people have no reason to lie because the products basically speak for themselves - frayed unused lip wands, half-empty tubes, broken (and sometimes missing) powder blocks in blush compacts, and low-grade packaging materials are just some of the actual issues customers around the world have reported about Kylie Cosmetics products.

The latest product to get ripped apart is Kylie's new "luxury" brush set, which just dropped on Dec. 13. People are accusing her of overpricing the set (they retail at a whopping $360), but the reality star continues to defend the high price point, justifying it with the fact that the brushes are "real" and don't compare to synthetic ones:

Unfortunately, despite what Kylie claims, the brushes aren't good quality at all, according to people who have bought and tested them out. Popular makeup artists like Jeffree Star, Manny MUA and Laura Lee have all posted video reviews of the brush set and had nothing good to say about it. They commented on the cheapness of the brush bag, the shedding bristles of the brushes and their inability to properly blend makeup during application.

Others have called Kylie out for backpedaling on her initial claim that her company was animal-friendly. The fact that the brushes are real means that they are derived from animal hair, and people are not happy about it.

Here's what people on Twitter had to say about Kylie's new brush set:

Yeah, no, Kylie. 

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