If you are a beauty lover on a budget, fear not because one of the most popular makeup brands in the world, MAC, not only has a sale going on right now, but it goes on ALL the time. 

via @maccosmetics

This isn't just any kind of sale either, it's 40% off. We're talking nearly half off MAC lipsticks, eyeshadows and face products.. literally EVERYTHING. 

via @maccosmetics

So how do you find it? It's actually super easy. If you go onto the MAC website and click the 'Goodbyes' tab.  

From there you're taken to all of the products that MAC will be getting rid of, and because of that, they're all almost half price! The sale is only offered online so you don't have to worry about battling someone for a tube of lipstick! Also not only are the shades and products still amazing regardless of the discount, but theres a TON of variety! 

So head over to their website and hurry to buy some of your favourite products for crazy cheap!

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