Ever since Meghan Markle basically became royalty, her presence has taken the internet by storm. From her white coat that crashed an entire website, the lipstick she wore after the Royal engagement announcement, to the nail polish she sported along with her engagement ring, everyone and their mom's want too look like her. The Meghan Markle effect is real and it's happening.

Not only has the former Suits actress massively influenced the beauty and fashion community, but also those looking to undergo plastic surgery. Since her engagement to Prince Harry, more and more women have flocked to plastic surgeons requesting to look like Meghan, particularly her nose.

According to New York-based cosmetic plastic surgeon, Dr. Stephen T. Greenberg, her nose is currently the top most requested procedure, possibly even surpassing that of Kim Kardashian-type lip and bottom injections.

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The beautiful thing about this is that experts admit that Meghan's nose is not perfect - and that's exactly the point. Meghan is changing beauty standards for all women from the once Kardashian crazed perfectionism to a more natural, imperfect beauty.

Whether you like it or not, the beauty and style of royalty are definitely having a serious impact on trends everywhere.

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