If you're someone who's obsessed with everything makeup related, Sephora is definitely the love of your life. You can find almost any makeup, skincare, haircare and even perfume brand at Sephora without having to go to a million different stores or shop online. 

It's the most convenient shop for makeup lovers alike to find all their favourite products. The only issue that literally every Sephora customer has is the price. Makeup and skincare prices are always super steep, making us think twice about trying out a new product. 

But this spring Sephora is treating us all with an amazing sale event! 

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For 3 days only Sephora is offering 15% off your entire purchase for their Beauty Insiders members both online and in-store. Use the code: YAYVIB at checkout if you're shopping online or present the email in-store to save all your money! This sale will be going on from April 20th-April 23rd. 

Though 15% off might not sound like a crazy good deal, if you're buying a decent amount of makeup we all know that 15% can actually go a long way to saving your money. It's basically the equivalent of taxes which isn't much on a small purchase but on a bigger one it can be a lot of money off your bill. 

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So if you've been hesitating on buying a bunch of your favourite products or trying out new ones in fear of the price tag, there's no need! 

Check out the Sephora website to start loading up your cart in preparation! 

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