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Tarte Pulls Product From Site Hours After Customers Realized That It Was Just A Repackaged Version Of An Old Formula

The drama continues...

Tarte Cosmetics has come under fire recently with the much anticipated release of their Shape Tape foundation only featuring 15 shades with only 3 catering to medium to dark complexions. Though that very same foundation has caused even more uproar for a completely different reason.

The Shape Tape foundation release featured two different formulas, hydrating and matte. Though many were confused as to why the company spent the time to create two different formulas instead of starting with one and expanding that shade range rather than two formulas with equally limited shades. On top of that, the deeper complexions are starkly different between the two formulas, which confused customers even more. Wouldn't the two formulas under the Shape Tape name have the same shade range?

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Many became skeptical of Tarte and were suspecting shady business, and it turns out one person found out something interesting. The hydrating formula of the Shape Tape has the exact same formulas as an older foundation the brand had released (that had been a pretty big flop), called the Hybrid Gel foundation.

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Quickly makeup lovers who owned both foundations began to test out both the foundations and found that they felt, performed and wore the exact same on the skin. Though Tarte did quickly release a statement claiming that while the formulas are the same, the way they were "created" is different.

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Though many do not believe the brand considering many reviews have noted that the new hydrating shape tape foundation is remarkably light coverage, and for a foundation that is supposed to be like the shape tape concealer, which is the fullest coverage concealer there is on the market, it bears little to no resemblance. Which would make sense if they just repackaged an older formula that wasn't selling under a name that people would buy due to the hype, rather than creating a new formula that actually reflects the concealer that was supposed to inspire it.

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People have also noticed that the older foundation that was in question has now been taken off of the Tarte site, and before the drama it had been on sale, reflecting it's lack of buys.

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If you are feeling a little confused with all the drama and are looking to maybe stray from the Tarte brand but still love your shape tape, you are in luck! Makeup Revolution just released an $8 concealer that has taken over the market for not only being cheap but being a dupe that performs even better than shape tape! Canadians can grab it at ULTA Beauty where it went live just yesterday as they now ship to Canada. Or if you want to buy something else from Tarte and just want to keep away from the foundation, we've got a list of our hits and misses from the brand, happy shopping!

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