Attention all magical creatures! If you have a serious obsession with all things rainbow and unicorn, then do we have the gift of the century for you.

Now available at TopShop is their freaking adorable AF unicorn slippers. Complete with a pink unicorn horn, fluorescent pink and purple unicorn hair, and wings, these slipper are to die for. Not only are they cute as hell, they're also super comfy. These slippers wrap around your entire foot for max warmness and comfort.

Here's where you can cop these adorable unicorn slippers. If you can't get over how cute they are, cop them fast because this item is quickly selling out.

And if unicorns aren't enough for you, you can even get narwhal slippers! Basically, if a unicorn and a mermaid had a baby, it would be a narwhal. These baby blue bad boys are just as comfy and just as cute.

Here's where you can get these too cute to handle narwhal slippers. They make the perfect Christmas present for you and/or your squad and/or your bae. Pick up a few so you and your besties can take cute pictures like this:

We know, you can't resist now. Happy shopping!

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