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40 Tarte Cosmetics Products To Either Buy Or Say Bye

What worked & what didn't.

Let me first start off this intro by saying I'm by no means a makeup expert, but I've recently taken a big interest in makeup, skincare, and improving my routines.

Now that I've got that out of the way, let's move onto the makeup brand of the hour: Tarte Cosmetics. Tarte is one of the hottest makeup brands right now and it's clear why. They have all kinds of high end products that will give you exactly the effect you're looking for. Even a makeup amateur like myself can tell that this brand is not one to overlook.

While I love Tarte and everything they produce I can also see that it's pretty pricey for a makeup brand. This obviously means that you're going to get really good quality products, but most of us just don't have the money to shell out on products that we're not 100% sure will work the way we want them to.

That's why I made this list. In the next few pages you'll find a ton of different products with a summary of reviews taken from both the Tarte website and big YouTubers that have reviewed these products themselves. This way you'll know for sure whether you should buy that product or just say bye to it and find something better!

Tarte Face Products

Tarte Eye Products 

Tarte Lip Products

Tarte Cheek Products

Tarte Skincare Products

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