Bed, Bath & Beyond's Recalled Blackface Pumpkins Are Being Compared To Trudeau

Trudeau has been heavily criticised for previously wearing blackface.
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Bed, Bath & Beyond's Recalled Blackface Pumpkins Are Being Compared To Trudeau

American-owned retail store Bed, Bath and Beyond have removed several black pumpkin products from their shelves, after they received multiple complaints to say that they were offensive and resembled blackface. While the homeware company did apologize and immediately remove the black pumpkins from sale, Bed, Bath & Beyond's blackface pumpkins are reminding some people of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s own blackface scandal.

Bed, Bath and Beyond have pulled the black jack-o-lantern pumpkins from their shelves, after a New York community complained publicly about the pumpkins. The lanterns, which are black in color and have a white painted smile, nose, and eyes.

The blackface pumpkins were quickly removed from Bed, Bath and Beyond’s stores and their website, and the company has since apologized for any offence caused by the product.

While some people have taken to social media to criticize Bed, Bath and Beyond's controversial pumpkin products, others have noticed a supposed similarity between the blackface pumpkins and another famous blackface scandal.

Following the news about Bed, Bath and Beyond's pumpkins, several people took to Twitter to make jokes about the Prime Minister's own blackface scandal.

One Twitter user asked, "So a pumpkin can't do it, but Trudeau can?"

Another shared a similar comment, adding, "Justin Trudeau: Wears blackface and gets re-elected. Pumpkin: Wears blackface and gets pulled from shelves."

Several other people responded to the blackface pumpkin story by referring to the Bed, Bath and Beyond product as a “Trudeau Pumpkin.”

One Twitter user said, “In Canada, this type of pumpkin is simply called The Trudeau. After his recent win it's flying off the shelves!"

Another shared a similar comment, writing, “And the winner of the Justin Trudeau pumpkin carving contest is..."

Back in September, several images and a video showing the Prime Minister wearing blackface resurfaced, with the most recent incident being in 2001.

He was heavily criticized by the public, and issued an official apology saying, “These are situations I regret deeply.”

Narcity has reached out to Bed, Bath and Beyond for an official statement regarding their black pumpkins, and whether or not they were available for purchase in Canada. This article will be updated when a response has been received.

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