Bed Bugs Shut Down A Canadian Government Building & It's Not The First Time It Happened

Government buildings keep having bug problems.
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Bed Bugs In A Canadian Government Building Are Keeping Workers At Home

You might not expect to hear about bed bugs in an office building because of its name but government workers are quickly learning that's not the case. Bed bugs in a Canadian government building are keeping workers at home. Unfortunately, this isn't the first time critters have shown up in government buildings. 

A government building located at 70 Crémazie Street in Gatineau is shut down all because of bed bugs found in the office. The shut down is for the rest of the week with only one floor actually remaining open to workers. 

According to CTV News, the bed bugs were first found on one floor of the building last week. When a canine unit came in over the weekend, beg bugs were found on every floor in the building. 

And this isn't the first time that government buildings in the area were impacted by bugs being found in them.

On October 4 an office just across the Ottawa river in the capital was found to have bed bugs in it. Then the next day it was reported that a kitchenette in the building would also be treated for cockroaches.

"Dealing with pests in this building is nothing new for us. Bed bugs were first reported and treated on the first floor of the building in March and April 2018," an employee of the bed bug and cockroach-infested building in Ottawa told CTV News

A former employee also confirmed the pest problem on Twitter.

And another Canadian made the most of the news by turning into a funny joke.

Last year another government building was also shut down and fumigated because of spiders. Employees at the Shared Services Canada building were sent away from the office twice after spiders thought to be venomous were spotted on two different occasions.

The second time the spider was spotted was after the building was fumigated. Both times employees were told to work from home. 

A spokesperson for the department told the CBC that the spider found wasn't actually the venomous spider it was originally thought to be.

People working in the Gatineau government building, which is the building for Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, are being told to work from home for the rest of the week or make arrangements to work somewhere else. 

The one floor that remains open is the sixth floor where employees work with sensitive information and can't actually take their work home with them. 

Hopefully, this is the last we hear of bugs infesting government buildings. 

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