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Bed Bugs In A Canadian Government Building Have Been Joined By Mice & Even A Bat

Halloween is fast approaching, so anybody who will be spending time at a fun haunted house might see some bats and maybe even a mouse or two. However, these are not things that anyone would want to see at their office during the workday. Unfortunately, mice, a bat, and bed bugs have been found in a Canadian government building. The employees are understandably not pleased.

The Terrasses de la Chaudiere on Eddy Street in Gatineau, Quebec has already had some issues with bed bugs, but now it seems that they've been joined by other pests. The employees working at this building have reported finding mice and even a bat.

According to a report from CTV News, the Public Service Alliance of Canada, the union representing workers in the building, said that workers had notified management about this issue. However, the problem was not solved.

Members of PSAC planned a demonstration outside of the building on October 29 to draw attention to the numerous pest problems faced by employees inside.

"We need them to take the health and safety of our members at TDLC seriously, and set up a forum where we stop working in (bat-infested) silos and can finally start working together to get things done," Union of National Employees National Executive Vice President Andrew Shaver told CTV.

Recently, another government building in Gatineau at 70 Crémazie Street was shut down due to a bed bug infestation. It wasn't the first time it had happened to that government building.

The Gatineau office building on Eddy Street has already been reported to have air quality issues due to an insufficient HVAC system. At the time, employees had also started to notice bat droppings in the building.

UNE president Kevin King told 1310 News that this problem was not new, saying, "In 2018 there are issues coming out of the building, with respect to bat feces and stuff like that, and bats being in the building."

According to the Government of Canada, a disease called histoplasmosis can be caused by inhaling dust left by bat droppings. A respirator and protective clothing are recommended when working in an area where bats may be roosting.

Narcity has reached out to PSAC for comment and we will update the article should we receive relevant information.

Disclaimer: Cover photo on the right used for illustrative purposes only.

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