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Bed Bugs In Canada Government Buildings Prompt Call For Pest Control Contractors

The nation's federal buildings have a big problem, and they're looking for help. The bed bugs in Canada's government buildings have gotten out of hand. Now they are looking for pest control contractors to take care of the problem.

A tender notice posted December 19, 2019 on the Public Works and Government Services website indicates that pest management services were being sought out for buildings in Ottawa and the surrounding area, as well as a number of other Ontario cities. The posting closed on January 27.

A second posting on the website from February 3, 2020, is also looking for pest control management contractors to work in the national capital region. The closing date is March 16.

According to CBC News, 31 federal buildings in total have been treated for bed bugs in the last year. While 25 of those are located in Ottawa and the surrounding region, three more are in Toronto, two are in Hamilton, and one is in Waterloo.

Public Services and Procurement Canada told CBC News that all of these buildings did not have what would be considered a "high level infestation issue."

Contractors will also be required to inspect and possibly treat the vehicles and residences of government workers.

Canada's government buildings have already had a number of bad experiences with bed bug infestations. One located at 70 Crémazie Street in Gatineau had to be completely shut down due to the biting insects.

A second Gatineau federal office was found to have a major bed bug issue. In addition, there were also problems with mice, bats, and bad air quality.

Bed bug infestations can become a huge problem, as fully exterminating them can be difficult.

According to Pest Control Canada, bed bugs can live for a year without feeding, and females can lay 300 eggs at a time that hatch in just ten days. 

According to a ranking by Orkin, Toronto has the worst bed bug problem in all of Canada, closely followed by Winnipeg, Vancouver, St. John’s, and Ottawa.

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