Once again Canadians have to be vigilant when it comes to what they buy and what they eat because of E. Coli. Beef and veal recalls in Canada are happening so often in October. Be sure to make sure that nothing you have in your fridge is part of the recalls!

More than 1,000 different raw beef and veal products have been recalled across the country by the Canadian Food and Inspection Agency as of October 15. And the recalls continue to pop up almost every day. 

There have been 927 consumer products recalled because of E. Coli contamination since October 1 and that number rises to over 1,000 when you take into consideration products for hotels, restaurants and institutions.

Some brands that have been affected by the recalls in October include big names like Walmart, Pusateri’s Fine Foods and Fortinos. 

The recalls cover products sold in specific provinces like Ontario, Quebec, B.C., Alberta and Saskatchewan and some of them are for products that are sold nation-wide. 

And if the month of October proves anything it's that Karen Messier, who shared the recalls in a tweet saying "It never ends", is right. 

According to the government of Canada, E. Coli is a bacteria that lives in the lower intestine of warm-blooded organisms and causes E. Coli infection. Humans and animals can be carriers of E. Coli which means the bacteria can be spread.  

Adults with E. Coli can infect other people for a week and sometimes children can infect others for three weeks. 

We often hear about E. Coli in food products and that's because you can get the infection by eating raw or undercooked beef, unpasteurized milk products and raw fruits and vegetables that are contaminated. You can also get the infection through drinking untreated water and unpasteurized milk and juice. 

The infection is also spread through contact with the infection by mishandling food that's contaminated with E. Coli. 

E. Coli lives naturally in cattle, goats and sheep. That is part of the reason beef products are often recalled because of E. Coli. 

There are so many beef and veal products that have been recalled because of E.Coli that it's impossible to name them all. 

In the most recent recall from October 15, raw beef and veal products from Pusateri's Fine Foods, Steakhouse Select and The Garden Basket have been named as having been possibly contaminated with E. Coli. 

To stay up to date with what Health Canada has recalled, check here

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