You Can Road Trip To This Epic Beer Spa Near BC Where You Bathe In Booze

Hop on down to Oregon. 🍻
Beer Bath In Oregon Is An Epic Road Trip Away From BC If You Love Beer

Beer is tasty, but did you know it's great for the skin too? There's a spa just a few hours from Vancouver in the U.S. where they take the drink one step further by offering unique soak. You can literally take a beer bath in Oregon, and it's just a drive away.

Hop In The Spa was the first to offer beer baths in North America and it's still going as strong as ever. Located in Sisters, a town in central Oregon, their famous baths are worth a trip all on their own.

Who hasn't at least fantasized about bathing in a giant tub of alcohol?

They offer soaks with three different and exclusive microbrews, all mixed with a special combo of herbs, minerals, and of course, hops, to ensure a truly exfoliating experience.

Each microbrew comes at a specific temperature and combination of ingredients to ensure the best bath possible. That combo paired with their exclusive brews is what sets them above the rest. 

Their beer's not just for soaking either; you can drink each of the exclusive brews while soaking in the same. They also offer giant pretzels to satisfy any munchies that might come up.

Once you're done soaking in the brew, hop out for a specialty massage using hand-crafted hop-infused oils. Their website says hops are used in every part of the boozy process.

It's an eight-hour drive from Vancouver and it's definitely worth putting on your epic West Coast bucket list.

The company isn't content limiting themselves to just brews and brew-based baths; they're also expanding into hop-infused coffees in their "Hop In The Cup" blend.

They're also working on bottling up their secret blend so you can take the hoppy experience home with you. But, for now, you'll need to visit their Hop Inn to get the full experience.

Oregon sure loves their beer — from Harry Potter beer festivals to trendy microbreweries too numerous to count, they've got something for every kind of beer-lovers everywhere.

But this takes their love of all things hoppy to a whole other level.

Drop by this beer spa and you'll be feeling better in no time. It'll definitely be a trip you and your BFFs will remember.

Hop In The Spa Beer Bath

Price: $110+

Address: 371 W. Cascade Ave., Sisters, OR

Why You Need To Go: Literally bathe in beer across the border like a winner.