While most people have been staying at home, some workers still have to interact with people. That includes Bell Canada employees, who still need to enter homes for internet installation. One of them allegedly faced a health risk after customers supposedly lied to the company.

In an April 5 Facebook Post, Unifor Canada local 34-O president Jim Fling revealed that a Bell worker had been in a house with someone who reportedly has COVID-19.

The company only found out this had happened after the customers called and admitted that they had lied about the health of one family member.

The customers had originally passed all of the health screening questions the company asks before sending a technician, according to a report from 580 CFRA.

Fling told them that typically, people will be honest, but there have been other times where they have lied.

"This is the first positive test, but there’s been people that have told us they weren’t out of the country and then when we finally finish the job, came clean, and said ‘well no, we just got back from Spain three days ago," Fling said.

To make matters worse, according to the local union leader, the employee had visited three other households after being exposed to the sick family member. 

The technician is now self-isolating. 

"These people should be charged to the max by the police," Fling wrote. "We have family just like you and want to keep them safe. We are stressed to do our job but we keep going . So please help keep us safe."

The provinces are rolling out much stricter rules and enforcement when it comes to social distancing and keeping people safe.

In Toronto, bylaw officers were patrolling the city specifically on the lookout for any groups of people who were getting too close.

In Newfoundland, a woman has already been arrested twice for refusing to follow social distancing rules.