It's been a very questionable few weeks for cellular companies. Shortly before this, Rogers Wireless was put under fire after the employees of the company came public with sales tactics that can only be seen as unethical. Now, just this morning, national telecom company Bell Media has announced that nearly 100,000 customers have had their private information accessed by hackers.

Earlier this morning, a Bell spokesperson confirmed that hackers have accessed account numbers, telephone numbers, email addresses and usernames, and have been taken from customers across the country. This is the second hack within the span of a year; a prior data hack took place with Bell customers in May of 2017.

The RCMP is currently investigating the incident and Bell has let government agencies know of the cybercrime. So far, Bell has quickly upped security measures, requiring more authentication and requirements on accounts.

While the hack isn't over, it's still in question whether credit card and banking information have been accessed by said hackers. Both Bell and the RCMP are warning people to be wary and on the lookout, as well as to change your passwords as an extra safety measure.

One can only hope that the breach ends before financial information gets accessed.

Source: The Globe and Mail