Bell Customers Are Telling Each To Turn Off iMessage For Bell Let's Talk Day

The company confirmed they don't count!
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Bell Let's Talk Day Has People Telling Others To Turn Of iMessage For The Day

It's officially Bell Let's Talk Day in Canada but if you want to participate in the day's event, there's a catch you need to know about. The day is meant to raise awareness and money but if your phone has a certain feature, you won't actually be helping the cause at all. Bell Let's Talk Day has people telling each other to turn off iMessage for the day. 

For every text message sent by customers, the telecommunications company will donate 5 cents to mental health programs in Canada on the phone company's Let's Talk Day.

However, on Twitter, people are letting others know that during this day to raise money and reduce the stigma around mental health, people with iPhones won't have their messages counted towards the day's donations if they use iMessage.

Bell also confirmed to Narcity that any messages sent using that Apple phone feature are "not countable."

So if you're a customer with the company, have an iPhone and want to participate in the day, you'll need to turn off iMessage.

Since a lot of people are taking part in this day and want others too as well, iMessage ended up trending on Twitter.

"Don't forget to turn iMessage off so all of your messages go through as texts and count for donations to mental health initiatives," one person said.

Another person tweeted, "I wonder if Apple are wondering why the reduction in iMessage traffic today in Canada?"

For Bell customers who want to turn off iMessage, go to your settings app, scroll to the messages heading and tap into it.

Then, where it says iMessage, tap the circle so it goes from green to grey and all your texts will count for donations.

Donations are also made with every mobile and long-distance call made by customers of the carrier, every tweet and retweet using #BellLetsTalk, every video view on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube, every use of the Bell Let's Talk frame on Facebook and every use of the Bell Let's Talk filter on Snapchat.

So even if you're not with Bell and your text messages don't count, there are still lots of ways to help get money to Canadian mental health programs. 

This annual event started back in 2010 and since then, people in Canada and around the world have sent more than 1 billion messages of support.

"We've built a movement by talking, texting and sharing our stories on social media over the last 10 years, and today we can take our conversation further than ever before," said Mary Deacon, chair of Bell Let's Talk, in a news release.

So far they have donated $100,695,763.75 which includes the company's original $50 million donation when it launched.

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