After The Weeknd and Selena Gomez split up last year, it seemed that the Starboy and Bella Hadid had been hanging out rather frequently again. While one would assume that they were most likely going to get back together, Bella has reportedly started hanging out with someone new.

And that new someone - Kendall Jenner's rumoured ex-bae.

If you follow either of the Victoria's Secret models on Instagram, which - who am I kidding, you definitely do - then you know for a fact that these two are longtime besties. So I don't if it's just me, but it's pretty suspicious.

According to US Weekly, Bella was seen getting rather close with NBA player, Jordan Clarkson. The two were spotted together at a Japanese restaurant in New York. Though sources say that they were in a group setting, they also say it was in a private room.

An insider stresses that it might not be serious as they've only been "hanging out" more a few weeks... but I mean, you just never know.