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Bella Hadid Just Got Grilled About Her Life In An Interview and Some Of Her Answers Are So Cringy

If you are familiar with Vogue, you are also probably familiar with their '73 Questions' segment, where they follow popular celebrities around and grill them about their lives in 73 questions. Past stars have included Emily Blunt, Michael Kors, and Lady Gaga, just to name a few.

The newest celebrity to take on 73 Questions though, was Bella Hadid. For those of you who don't spend your time cyber-stalking celebrities, it's important to note that Hadid has a history of being particularly awkward in front of the camera. Do you guys remember THAT video? The one with the sneakers? "Homeboy's gonna like... Get it."

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If we're being honest, this segment with Vogue is NOT much better than the clip above. Sure, Hadid is a great model and is very aesthetically pleasing to look at, but the things that come out of her mouth sometimes make you have to wonder... Does she think before she speaks, at all?

While being interviewed, Hadid is walking through a horse stable, filled with animals. If you're a fan of Bella, you probably know that she used to ride competitively, so hosting her interview here makes perfect sense. One thing that doesn't make sense though, is how Hadid uses the animals to avoid talking about herself. When things get awkward, she pulls out a baby goat or starts feeding a foal to deter the attention away from her.

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When asked, "What's something that will always be in fashion?" Hadid responded with "Kindness." While this is a very a-typical answer, it's not what we wanted to hear from one of the most popular models of our generation. In my opinion, the whole interview seems very scripted to make Hadid out to be this shy, sweet girl. We don't get a look at her real, raw personality, which is exactly the kind of thing that fans hope for in these interviews.

Later on in the interview, Hadid is asked whether it's true or not that she hates getting her nails done. To this she replies, "I absolutely hate it. It feels like a task to me, and I would rather be doing things like this." Really weird flex, if you ask me. It seems as though Bella is trying to remind her fan base that she's human, just like us, but it comes across in a totally fake and cringy way. Better luck next time!

If you want to see all of Bella's 73 responses, you can check them out here: