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Bella Hadid Was In Toronto Last Night For The Weeknd’s Show And Things Got Wild (VIDEO)

The Weeknd performed at Rebel Toronto on November 6th.
Bella Hadid Was In Toronto Last Night For The Weeknd’s Show And Things Got Wild (VIDEO)

The Weeknd hit up his hometown Toronto for a show last night and it was nothing short of eventful. Torontonians sure had a wild time at his concert, and there are tons of pictures and videos for proof. The Weeknd performed at Rebel Toronto for the opening of HXOUSE. 

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The Weeknd and Bella Hadid have not been shy about laying down the PDA lately, ever since the pair officially got back together this year. The couple even moved into an NYC apartment together last week. So when The Weeknd visited Toronto for his concert last night, who was in the crowds supporting him? None other than his boo Bella Hadid. 

Bella Hadid was a surprise guest to the concert. She posted an Instagram story of the concert and her Instagram has been filled with stories of Toronto and The Weeknd lately. 

Via Bella Hadid Instagram Story

@bellahadidembedded via  

Considering how attached they've been lately, this seems like it should be expected. However, the model appears to be prioritizing her boyfriend over her job last night. 

Last night, she was in Toronto for The Weeknd's concert instead of at a fitting for the VS Show, like her sister Gigi Hadid was, according to ELLE. Bella is walking in the Victoria's Secret Fashion show again this year.

Just a throwback comparison for you, two years ago at the 2016 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, the couple had an awkward run-in at the show after they had already broken up. The model was walking the runway while The Weeknd performed, and this resulted in a rather awkward encounter between the two. Oh, how things have changed. 

11/7/18: The Weeknd serenading Bella Hadid at his concert in Toronto. ❤️

November 7, 2018

Fans were able to witness the love between the singer and his girlfriend at the concert yesterday. The Weeknd serenaded Bella Hadid. He pointed at his girlfriend in the crowd, who was seen smiling and dancing along. In another video, the model was also seen singing along to his song "Six Feet Under". 

Bella Hadid on Emanuele D’Angelo’s instagram stories.

November 7, 2018

Not everything at the concert was romantic for the couple, though. During his performance of "The Hills", a fan threw her bra onto the stage. The whole thing was so awkward because his girlfriend was right there watching in the crowd. Check out the footage posted onto Instagram below. 

@dailystarboyembedded via  

The Weeknd played it cool – he picked it up and had the best response. "You're going to get me into trouble out here guys," said the singer. He then threw the bra back into the crowd and just continued singing. Fans absolutely loved his response – check out some of the social media reactions below. 

When some girl threw her bra on stage and he said "you're gonna get me in trouble out here tonight"!!! It was so cute it had me smiling like crazy 😂😂

November 7, 2018

someone threw their bra or sum on stage and @theweeknd threw that shit back talm bout some “you guys are gonna get me in trouble” n if y’all don’t got that same energy idkkk

November 7, 2018

The Weeknd Showed A+ Boyfriend Behavior At His Concert When A Fan Threw Her Bra On Stage While Bella Hadid Was In The Crowd

November 7, 2018

The Weeknd also dropped some major music news during the show and Torontonians in the crowd were the first fans to hear the exclusive announcement. He is working on a new album, "Chapter Six." A fan tweeted a video of his announcement.

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"Being in Toronto these past two days, I haven't been this inspired in years", The Weeknd told the crowd. "And I want you guys to be the first to know that I'm working on my new album right now". In response, the crowd went absolutely wild. 


November 7, 2018

some chapters are smaller than others. not this next one though...

November 7, 2018

The Weeknd sure showed fans a wild time in his hometown Toronto last night. He and Bella Hadid have been spotted hanging out all around Toronto for the past couple of days.