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Bella Hadid's Mom Wants You To Know Her Daughter Absolutely Did Not Get Plastic Surgery

After Yolanda Hadid opened up about her journey to self-acceptance, one Instagram user suggested Bella Hadid has had cosmetic work done.
Bella Hadid's Mom Wants You To Know Her Daughter Absolutely Did Not Get Plastic Surgery

If you even DARE to suggest her ~*flawless*~ daughter may not be 100 percent au naturel, Bella Hadid's mom, Yolanda, WILL come after you. Consider yourself warned. Earlier this month, Bella's mom (and #1 fan, OBV) clapped back at a fan for calling into question her daughter's wrinkle-free face. 

In mid-January, Yolanda posted a mirror selfie and detailed her journey to self-acceptance in the Instagram caption. The post commemorated the 55-year-old former model's return to her natural state after years of cosmetic work. "Living in a body free of breast implants, fillers, botox, extensions and all the bullshit I thought I needed in order to keep up with what society conditioned me to believe what a sexy woman should look like until the toxicity of it all almost killed me," she wrote on Jan. 14. 

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In the comments section of the post, one user suggested Yolanda's daughters (Gigi, Bella and Anwar) haven't learned anything from their mother's self-described "bad choices." The commenter focused on the middle Hadid sister: "I agree with you but what about your daughters? Especially Bella. She is beautiful but must use fillers?! And she is in the business so how do you rationalize that?"

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Yeah, Yolanda was not about to let someone talk about her little angel like that. She responded directly to the comment: "None of my children have [ever] done fillers or Botox or put anything foreign in their bodies. They know better after seeing what I went through." There you have it, folks! 

Now, we don't know for sure whether or not the Hadid sisters have had any work done, but it's Hollywood, so let's be real. But, like her mother, Bella insists she's never gotten any kind of plastic surgery. "People think I got all this surgery or did this or that," she said in a 2018 interview. "And, you know what? We can do a scan of my face, darling." 

Bella doesn't sound like she's playing around. That's confidence! Maybe someone has a giant Botox-detecting machine they're not using ATM. Perhaps they can lend it to this controversy, so we can settle the matter once and for all.  

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