Bella Thorne is known for being outlandish, loud, and somewhat over the top. From previous Disney Star to a Hollywood actress, Thorne is known for being a diva on set. 

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Today it was announced that the show "Famous in Love", which Thorne stars in, was cancelled. Thorne shared on social media that she was not informed of the cancellation and found out on social media just like everyone else. 

If this is how I find out our show is canceled..I’m going to be so upset. Very hurtful freeform. I woulda liked a phone call maybe.

June 26, 2018

Thorne plays Paige in "Famous in Love", who is catapulted into Hollywood life after landing a leading role in a movie. The show is run by I. Marlene King, who is famously known for her hit series "Pretty Little Liars", which ran for seven seasons.

The show is the second that Freeform has cancelled this week, already scrapping "Shadowhunters". The cast of the show also said that they were not given any forewarning that the show would be cancelled. 

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The Hollywood Reporter is claiming that the reason Freeform (which was previously ABC Family) decided to cancel "Famous in Love" was because of difficulty they had making a streaming deal with Hulu. Additionally, Thorne and King were known to have difficulty working together on set. 

Sources on set have even said that Thorne had expressed a desire to leave the show.

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"Famous in Love" finished their second, and now last season, on May 30th. While it's unclear if they will receive additional wrap-up episodes like "Shadowhunters", here is hoping Thorne can find a new project to occupy her time. 

Source: TV Guide