Mini-adventures on our leisurely hikes are always a bonus, so this little treat is the perfect addition to an afternoon in nature. The Belly Of The Dragon Cave in Utah is an awesome mini tunnel that feels like a portal to another world. You can explore this cavern to add a little excitement to your adventures.

Originally created as a runoff for the canyons above, it is now a destination worthy of treasure hunters and thrill-seekers alike.

If you dare to head into the dragon's belly, this spot is definitely a must (minus maybe all the gross stuff inside an actual dragon's stomach).

Located in Kanab, Utah, The Belly Of The Dragon is a short hike that leads to a slot canyon on the other side.

It sits beneath Highway 89 and during rainstorms, the water runoff from the upper canyons diverts into the tunnel.

Make sure to avoid this twisting cavern during rainy days, as it fills with water, making it dangerous.

During dry weather, however, it is the perfect addition to a day hike in the area.

You can wander through the slim trail, and you might want to bring along a flashlight as once you reach the middle, this giant cavernous space can get fairly dark.

The tunnel goes all the way through for about half of a mile, ending at a small waterfall (depending on the time of year), and is perfect for a little cave exploration.

To reach the tunnel, head north from Kanab for 16 miles on Highway 89. From there, it is about 1.5 miles south of Carmel Junction. Look for a dirt road on the west side of the road.

It is free to explore, and you can take as much time as you want to snap some seriously cool pictures wandering through the dragon's belly.

The gorgeous orange stone walls look like something straight out of the Sahara desert, and could even pass for the Cave of Wonders from Aladdin.

You won't want to miss this truly spectacular hidden gem, and it's such a cool little spot, you'll wish you'd known about it sooner.

Belly Of The Dragon

Price: Free

Location: Mount Carmel, UT

Why You Need To Go: This hidden cave is perfect for a little break from reality. 


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