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You Might Bump Into Bernie Sanders In Canada This Weekend At Your Pharmacy

This Sunday, you might run into Bernie Sanders buying insulin at your local pharmacy. The American presidential hopeful is coming to Canada to buy the life-saving medicine on a bus tour to make a point about the United States' healthcare system.

We don't know exactly which part of Canada the Vermont senator will be visiting, but CNN confirmed that the tour will be leaving from Detroit, Michigan, which shares a border with Windsor, Ontario. 

Currently, the price of insulin in Canada is one-tenth of America's. Sanders is crossing the border with American diabetes patients to show just how different the two countries' medical systems are. In addition, insulin was discovered at the University of Toronto. 

"There is no reason prescription drugs cost more in the United States than any other major country except that we alone allow Big Pharma to raise prices to whatever they want, whenever they want," Sanders said. "This week, I am joining diabetics and going across the border to Canada to buy insulin for one-tenth the price."

Even Cardi B has shown support for Sanders and his campaign:

Last month in June, NowThis reported that about 20 people made a trip from Minneapolis to Ontario to buy insulin through a new group calling themselves "Caravan to Canada."

According to one Caravan member, they saved up to US$20,000 on Canadian insulin. One vial of insulin from Novo Nordisk costs US$320 in the States and $30 in Canada.

Canada still doesn't have universal pharmacare, but the Advisory Council on the Implementation of National Pharmacare is working on it.