You Can Hang Out With Adorable Animals At This Strawberry-Picking Farm In Georgia

Homemade ice cream too!
Berry Picking In Georgia Doesn't Get Better Than This Strawberry Farm

It may still be winter, but the weather is going to be heating up sooner than you think. Once that happens, you're likely to be on the search for fun outdoor activities to do with your friends. Berry picking in Georgia may not be your first choice, but it's definitely a perfect activity for a sunny day out with the crew.

While you can go blueberry picking later in the summer and apple picking in early fall , strawberries are the first berries of the year that will be ready to pick, and perhaps the best place to go to find them is Washington Farms in Bogart, Georgia. It is the ideal place to pick strawberries, play with cute animals at the petting zoo, and even grab some homemade ice cream.

You'll get to go out in the field with a bucket and pick as many strawberries as you want. It's completely free to go out and pick, but you'll have to pay for all the strawberries you collect. Once you're done picking, you can munch on some berries while you explore the rest of the farm.

There's plenty of other activities to do while you're there, like visiting the petting zoo, where you can meet and feed super cute animals like goats, donkeys, bunnies, and more.

You should also grab some homemade ice cream while you're there. The strawberry flavoring is natural, so it's going to taste absolutely amazing.

There are also a ton of other fun attractions, like swings, cornhole, and a variety of other games. You could easily spend a whole day here and still have plenty to do.

If you're looking for one of the sweetest outdoor activities in Georgia this spring, you absolutely have to come out to this picturesque Georgia strawberry farm.

Washington Farms

Price: Free

Address: 5691 Hog Mountain Rd., Bogart, GA

Why You Need To Go: You can pick strawberries, visit a petting zoo, and eat homemade ice cream at this Georgia farm.

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