I think we can all agree that travelling is one of the best things to spend both our time and money on. Sure, it can be pretty expensive but once you're out there immersing yourself in a new culture, exploring natural wonders and trying new and unique cuisines you realize it was 100% worth it.

People are encouraged to travel in their 20s, it's the time to get out there and try new things before you start to settle down and focus on your future. But that doesn't mean the travelling stops there. Your 30s are just as good a time as any to get out there and experience the world.

People that are looking to travel in their 30s are now full-on adults, have their lives more or less together and sorted, and probably have more disposable income. Now is the perfect time to spend that newfound income on gaining amazing world experiences through travelling!

There are some great places to experience in your 30s and there are also some not so great places that you should definitely avoid.

Best And Worst Europe Travel Destinations

Best And Worst Tropical Island Travel Destinations

Best And Worst South America Travel Destinations

Best And Worst Asia Travel Destinations

Best And Worst Australia & New Zealand Travel Destinations

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Best Europe Destinations


Iceland isn't officially part of Europe or North America but it's included in European history because it's technically closer to Europe. It's an amazing choice for a travel destination in your 30s because you can see the Northern Lights, it's really affordable, and there's beautiful things to see and do like spending a day at the famous Blue Lagoon!

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If you're in your 30s and you haven't yet experienced Italy, now is definitely the time to go. It has everything you could want in a travel destination: amazing food, beautiful scenic hikes, bright coastal waters, and a rich history to explore! The possibilities are truly endless if you decide to pack your bags and travel to Italy.

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Portugal is a very affordable destination for those travellers who are looking to save a bit of money on their next big adventure. Go on a wine tasting tour in Douro, take a trolly around the city streets of Lisbon or enjoy a relaxing beach day on one of the numerous sandy beaches!

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Ireland is a great European destination for people in their 30s to experience. There's big cities and small villages to explore that have so much to offer. Drink loads of beer, dance to traditional Irish music, explore historic castles in the hillsides and take in all the beauty and nature that surrounds you.

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Worst European Destinations

Paris, France

Paris has an amazing reputation of being the most romantic city in Europe but it often falls short from people's expectations. While the food is amazing and the Eiffel Tower is definitely something to experience, the rest of Paris might not be worth it. It's very expensive and the city itself is crowded with people and tourists.

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London, England

There's a lot of mixed opinions on whether London is worth it to visit or not, so it really does depend on your personal taste. But a lot of people say that London is overly expensive and filled with people and tourists. However, London is filled with beautiful sights and exciting adventures so if you it's on your bucket list, go for it!

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Stockholm, Sweden

Sweden is definitely a great option for travellers looking to experience a different side of Europe, but it might not be at the top of your list. It's also a very expensive city and you should definitely pay attention to the season you travel there because their winters can be as harsh as ours here in Canada.

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Kiev, Ukraine

While the Ukraine is a beautiful part of Europe to explore that most people overlook, Kiev was voted one of the most dangerous cities in all of Europe. It's filled with vandalism, theft and violent protests that you could run into on your trip.

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Best Tropical Island Destinations


Belize is a gorgeous country on the coast of Central America. It's not technically an island but there are islands that you can sail out to off the coast. It's perfect for a short stay of just 4 nights or a longer stay depending how much beauty you want to take in while you're there.

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Tahiti is a stunning island located in the French Polynesia, a South Pacific archipelago. It is on the pricier side with the cost of air fare but once you're there you'll fall in love with the stunning beaches, chill island life and gorgeous clear blue waters!

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The Maldives are truly a dream tropical island destination. Stay on the private luxury on water in Soneva Jani and explore the lush forests that surrounds you by taking day hikes and discovering hidden waterfalls.

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I think we've all dreamed about escaping to the Fiji Islands at one point in our lives, but stopped ourselves because it's pretty expensive. But now that you're in your 30s and have some disposable income to take a vacation, Fiji might be a great option. This country has 322 islands in total and endless white sandy beaches to lounge on!

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Worst Tropical Island Destinations

Nassau, Bahamas

The Bahamas are truly a beautiful location to take a vacation, however Nassau has become a major tourist trap. This is the place where most of the cruise ships stop in The Bahamas so it will be crawling with tourists that will take over the beaches.

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Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is definitely a gorgeous tropical location to visit but for a 30-something looking for a fun adventure, it might not be the best choice. It's one of the biggest destinations for spring breakers and high school seniors to go to party on the beach so if you'd rather avoid those kinds of scenes avoid this island for sure.

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Saint Kitts And Nevis

Saint Kitts and Nevis is a dual-island country located between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. It's a stunning location but unfortunately, it has the second highest murder and crime rates in all of the Caribbean islands. It might be best to stay safe rather than sorry on this one.

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Marshall Islands

The Marshall Islands are a chain of volcanic islands that are pretty difficult to reach for tourists. If you're looking for a vacation that's more remote and uncharted, these islands are a great choice. But for those that would rather stay more on the beaten path this wouldn't be the best choice.

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Best South America Destinations


Peru is a dream destination for anyone who's thinking about travelling to South America. It's affordable for everyone whether you're in your 20s or 30s and it has tons of bucket list adventures to accomplish like hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu!

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Argentina is a lively city that is said to feel like a European city that's actually in South America. There's amazing wine regions where you can enjoy some of the best wine in the world, partying and nightlife in Buenos Aires and tons of active outdoor adventures to be had.

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Uruguay is another amazing spot to visit if you're heading down to South America. Montevideo is their main, bustling city that is filled with history and a great nightlife scene. It also has more than it's fair share of white sandy beaches to lounge on as well as amazing food to enjoy!

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Galapagos Islands

Visiting the Galapagos Islands truly is a once in a life time experience that is perfect for your 30s. These islands are home to the most biologically diverse ecosystems in the world and you'll be able to see some unique species that you won't be able to see anywhere else in the world. Not to mention the beaches and the weather are just gorgeous!

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Worst South America Destinations


There has been a lot of civil and political unrest in Venezuela since 2014 that still make this country very unsafe for tourists to visit. While it is beautiful and filled with amazing things to see and do, it's not recommended for anyone to travel there at this current time. Hopefully it will be restored to it's former glory in the future.

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Brazil really is an amazing place to visit and I'm not saying you should cross it off your list AT ALL. But there are some things to be wary about in this country like the rise in crime and theft is a big issue as well as the prominence of the Zika virus that is still a big problem. Definitely travel there to experience the amazing nightlife and culture but be aware of certain dangers that you could run into in this country.

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If you're looking for a truly rugged and mostly outdoor adventure then Guyana is definitely a good place to visit. It is packed with gorgeous nature and a lively Caribbean-like nightlife. But this country has a history of political instability and tension between the people that live there so it might not be the safest South American destination on the list.

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There are some gorgeous natural sights to see and city life to explore in Paraguay. It is definitely an amazing option for a travel destination, however it is one of the poorest countries in South America which usually means there's a high crime rate. So if you do decide to travel here just be wary of that.

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Best Asia Destinations


Now that you're in your 30s it's the perfect time to tackle the exciting country that is Japan. It's filled with culture, beautiful nature like their annual cherry blossom blooms, and big bustling cities like Tokyo and Kyoto. It's the perfect place to expand your culinary experiences and immerse yourself into a unique and exciting culture!

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Sri Lanka

The Hill Country of Sri Lanka is a gorgeous place to visit, especially in your 30s. You can take a train ride through the hills with stunning views, tea plantations and museums to explore, and fun cafes and restaurants.

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Sure, people might think you're pulling an 'Eat, Pray, Love' if you decide to travel here in your 30s but it really is an amazing experience. This country is filled with ancient temples, sandy shores and luxury hotels to relax in all day long. It can be both a spiritual experience as well as a rugged outdoor adventure depending on what you're looking for.

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If you're looking for a big city adventure, Singapore is definitely the place to go in Southeast Asia. There's an impressive skyline right on the water, amazing things to explore like this stunning park called Gardens By The Bay, and amazing local cuisine.

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Worst Asia Destinations

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is definitely a unique country and it has a lot to offer visitors. The main criticism about Hong Kong is how densely packed with people it is and how little personal space you'll feel you have when you visit here. If you don't mind the hoards of people and struggling to find your way around, you could definitely love this trip but if not there's other places that could be better for you.

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North Korea

Believe it or not, you can actually travel to the capitol of North Korea, Pyongyang. Obviously, you won't see what's really going on over there you'll only see what they actually want you to see which is probably cheerful North Koreans living their lives happily. It would be an interesting trip to get a closer look at what life is like over there, but it's not highly recommended.

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Myanmar is packed full of beautiful things to see and do but there has been a lot of political unrest in this country. If you wander off the beaten path you could get caught up in some seriously dangerous situations.

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While the Philippines are a beautiful place to visit and if you do visit you'll probably have an amazing trip, the country is pretty unsafe currently for tourists. In 2017 it was voted the 11th most unsafe country in the world. Kidnapping for ransom of tourists is one of the main risks when travelling there.

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Best Australia & New Zealand Destinations

Sydney, Australia

You can't travel to Australia without visiting the largest city, Sydney. You can visit the famous Opera House, the Royal Botanical Gardens and relax and surf at Bondi Beach. You'll also get to enjoy some of the world's friendliest people!

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Queenstown, New Zealand

Queenstown, New Zealand is known as the adventure capital of the world, which is perfect for a 30-something looking to explore and experience new things! You can try sky diving, white water rafting, ziplining, and their famous luge. It will be the adventure of a lifetime here.

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Melbourne, Australia

This city has so much to offer visitors. Not only is the food and desserts out of this world, the city itself is super tourist-friendly and easy to get around by vintage trams. Rent a car and drive along the Great Ocean Road for a weekend of pure bliss and beauty!

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Wellington, New Zealand

Wellington is another amazing New Zealand city that you should definitely add to your list. It has a beautiful waterfront harbour, amazing beaches during the summer months, a fun and chill bar and cafe culture that everyone should experience and amazing nature and wildlife right at your fingertips!

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Worst Australia & New Zealand Destinations

Wollongong, Australia

This coastal city in New South Wales was voted the 3rd most dangerous city in Oceania due to it's high crime rates. This makes it the most dangerous city in all of Australia. Although it does seem to have a lot of beauty, it's probably best to leave this one off of your list.

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Christchurch, New Zealand

Christchurch, New Zealand is the largest city in the South Island of New Zealand and was voted the 7th most dangerous city in Oceania. This makes it the most dangerous city in all of New Zealand. Apparantly 1/3rd of the residents of this city feel unsafe at night so if you do plan to visit this city, it might be wise to stay off the streets at night.

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Perth, Australia

Perth has been getting a lot of heat from the internet about being a boring city with very little culture and it's more on the expensive side. But you can't believe everything you read on the internet and it does look pretty breathtaking in photos, so it shouldn't be crossed off your list without some thorough research.

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Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland is definitely an amazing city in New Zealand to visit and crime rates in this entire country are relatively low. However, there is an increase in crime in the city of Auckland such as thefts, pick-pocketing and burglaries. But it's not bad enough to cross this one off your list.

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