6 Best Online Bathing Suit Stores You Need To Shop At This Summer

High-quality swimsuits that are worth your time and money!

When summer comes around, vacay planning and sunny beach days are likely on your mind. Summer is the time to enjoy moments of fun in the sun, live your best life and experience carefree bliss. However, swimwear shopping can become a hassle when you're at a physical store versus buying from the best bathing suit websites.

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Spending hours in a changing room under harsh lighting makes some shoppers critical of their physiques. Online stores can take the stress out of swimwear shopping because customers can browse thousands of different suits and try them on from the comfort of their homes.

Although they're convenient, not all online shops offer high-quality swimsuits that are worth your time and cash. It can be discouraging to buy a bikini that looks perfect through the screen, only to realize it's poorly made and won't even last through the summer.

You can skip the sketchy virtual outlets and use this guide to find the best online stores to update your swimsuit collection for the summer months (and which ones to avoid).


ASOS swimwear offers options to fit every price range and you're guaranteed to snag some quality pieces. Offering a diverse selection of original bathing suits in various sizes, ASOS lets you score unique pretties to proudly flaunt your shape and body type.

According to many reviews, customers are generally pleased with the quality and fit of the clothes they receive. Keep in mind that shipping and returns may take a while, so be sure to order in advance if you have a beach trip coming up.


ModCloth differs from most online shops in that it offers many reinvented vintage styles from the 60s. If you're looking for a more retro swimsuit that'll stand out from the crowd, you're sure to find your perfect fit here.

You'll find tons of prints, patterns, colors, cuts and styles. No matter your taste and body type, you should find exactly what you're looking for at ModCloth.


The bathing suits on this popular women's clothing site are insanely gorgeous. They've got tons of adorable plus-size options too. Make sure to carefully read the reviews for each bathing suit because while some fit small, others run large. It's recommended that shoppers take into account customers' comments rather than solely relying on their sizing chart.


Amazon may not be the first e-commerce page that comes to mind when it comes to buying bikinis, but the huge selection of clothing and swimwear is becoming increasingly popular. The suits here are super affordable and stylish. Judging by the reviews, you'll likely be pleasantly surprised by what you receive and may end up coming back for more. For best results, check out their top-rated pieces.

Swimsuits For All

Swimsuits For All is a site dedicated to delivering stylish suits for all shapes, sizes and ages. the site provides a thorough fit guide so that you can find the best option for your body type and be excited about every purchase.

Ashley Graham is heavily involved with this brand that promotes body positivity and caters to all women who seek to feel comfortable in their own skin. This site gets awesome reviews by the women who wear their suits, so the splurge will most likely be worth it.


The swimsuits at Boohoo are super inexpensive, especially on the sale page. The brand offers unique and trendy fast-fashion options that everyone is sure to look cute in.

Customers are generally satisfied in the review section. For reference, you can see women of all shapes and sizes trying on their bikinis in their YouTube hauls.

The following includes online stores you should avoid when browsing the web for cute and quality swimsuits.


Looking at CupShe's bikinis may tempt you to purchase a few. The designs might look adorable but, unfortunately, the general consensus online is to avoid this online store at all costs.

The bikinis typically range from around $20 to $30, which is relatively cheap, but you'll truly get what you pay for here: cheaply made materials that may not last. Several customers complain that the customer service is poor and that the suits don't quite fit right.


Showpo is often "hit or miss", so you might want to test your luck if you're feeling brave. However, according to reviews, it's possible you'll get a suit that doesn't match the photo. This site has a reputation for misleading customers, so it's probably best to steer clear. It can also be difficult to find suitable plus-size options here.


SHEIN has caused some controversy in regard to reliability and quality. The brand uses YouTube to promote its legitimacy, so it's difficult to find real reviews. However, if you dig into the reviews online, you'll find tons of customers claiming that the company is a scam. If you're looking to get a good-quality suit, it's probably best to avoid this online shop.


This wholesaler receives some pretty poor reviews online. Many might even find it mind-boggling that this website still sells swimwear with such an overwhelming amount of negative comments. Countless unsatisfied customers complain about poor product quality, slow shipping, terrible customer service and the nearly non-existent return policy. It's safe to say that this online outlet should be fully and unconditionally avoided.


Wish offers tons of products, including bikinis, for ridiculously cheap prices. Websites and apps that offer goods at prices that seem too good to be true should generally be avoided. Wish gets terrible reviews regarding customer service. Not to mention, customers complain about getting incorrect items that were labeled differently online. Stay away from this site if you're not fond of being blindsided about your mail.


Rosegal follows the pattern here. The brand consistently receives a plethora of horrible reviews. People have tons of swimwear complaints including incorrect sizing, cheap and unpleasant material and extremely delayed delivery. You'll most likely end up pretty unhappy with your order, so you may want to kick this one to the curb.