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BC Schools Scored First & Second Place In Canada's Best Universities Ranking

MacLean’s has released their annual ranking of the best Canadian universities and two B.C. schools have ranked at the top of the list over all.

MacLean’s is a Canadian news magazine founded in 1905 that ranks universities every year based on a variety of factors and student surveys. MacLean’s has different categories in which universities are ranked. In addition to ranking schools based on how comprehensive they are, MacLean’s also ranks undergraduate schools and medical schools in separate categories. 

Simon Fraser University was named the number one most comprehensive school in Canada, followed by the University of Victoria which ranked second. 

Comprehensive universities are those that have a vast variety of progressional, undergraduate and graduate degree programs in addition to a large budget for research. 

In the undergraduate category, the University of Northern British Columbia came in second, while Mount Allison University in New Brunswick ranked first. 

Meanwhile, the University of British Columbia in Vancouver came in third in MacLean’s medical and doctoral category, trailing behind the University of Toronto in Ontario, and McGill University in Quebec.

The University of British Columbia is B.C.’s only medical school and was recently voted as one of the most employable universities in Canada. 

However, when it came to student happiness and satisfaction, B.C. universities across the province lost quite sorely on the MacLean’s student satisfaction survey.

MacLean’s student satisfaction survey asked more than 18,000 students about experiences at their respective universities dealing professors and staff, as well as their opinion on residence life, extracurricular activities and the overall quality of education.

The University of British Columbia came in seventh on the list, trailing far behind U of T and McGill. 

Students also weighed in on mental health services, sexual assault prevention and how well their schools are implementing the Truth and Reconciliation Commission's calls to action.

Though B.C. universities have been celebrated for being comprehensive and spitting out some seriously employable graduates, students aren't entirely satisfied. At least not in comparison to other Canadian schools. 

Even though UBC was ranked in the top three for medical schools, it's been making the headlines lately because of a series of scandals. Earlier this month, on Tuesday, October 1, frat houses and frat parties at the University of British Columbia were accused of being responsible for drugging six women with date-rape drugs within one weekend, from September 27 to 29. 

It's difficult to say what students consider satisfactory from their institutions, but it seems B.C. schools are quite attractive to young students. 

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