As this next decade comes to an end, it's all about reflecting on the past, meaning it's also the perfect time to take a stroll up Canada's walk of fame and see what exactly the countries favourite Canadian celebrities have been up to. These past ten years have been filled with an extra amount of Canadianess thanks to the rise of social media (and Ryan Reynolds). Some could even say Canadians have never been more hilarious. A lot of the best celebrity moments of 2019 will have you singing "Oh, Canada!" straight into New Years. 

From album covers to commercials, all the way to the discovery of long lost relatives, laughing at these Canadian celeb moments is the perfect way to wrap up 2019. 

Drake Posing On The CN Tower 

No matter your feelings on Drake, no one can deny the impact he had on putting Toronto on the map. His love for his city prompted his album "Views."

The cover for the album was the Canadian rapper seated at the very top of the CN Tower, looking over onto Toronto.

Truly iconic.

Shawn Mendes' Face On Tim Hortons Cups 

Tim Hortons has done sponsorships with Canadians before but nothing quite compared to their most recent campaign.

The coffee chain deemed Shawn Mendes their "Hometown Hero" offering customers both regular and reusable coffee cups with the artist's face on it.

The campaign also came with a nostalgic commercial and a Tim Horton's food truck parked outside the Rogers Centre for his first stadium show at home.

Drunk Scott Moir At The Olympics 

Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir reclaiming their gold medals surprisingly wasn't the most Canadian thing that happened at the Pyeong Chang Olympics 2018.

After his run was over, Moir let himself unwind by attending the Canadian Women's hockey game where he may have had a little something to drink that prompted some aggressive cheering.

Shania Twain Supporting Celine Dion 

There's nothing like Queens supporting Queens and that's exactly what we saw when Shania Twain watched Celine Dion live at her Las Vegas residency.

Celine Dion took to Instagram to share the news, "So happy that @ShaniaTwain came to my show last night!"

Justin Bieber's Long Lost Relatives 

This may be the most surprising out of all the Canadian hilariousness that ensued. Justin Bieber, thanks to an ancestry website, found some long lost relatives.

Bieber is actually distantly related to both Ryan Gosling and Avril Lavigne.

It doesn't get more Canadian than that folks.

Seth Rogen Hanging Out With Trudeau 

What could be more Canadian than the Prime Minister of a country? Seth Rogen and the Prime Minister of Canada.

The two celebs posed for a quick Instagram photo that was appropriately captioned by Rogen with just Canadian flag emoji's.

Ryan Reynolds Bashing Eurovision

Eurovision sweeps the entire European continent once a year and Reynolds was sick of being excluded.

In a hilarious add for Deadpool 2, he explained to viewers why exactly Canada should be involved in the competition.

The video is filled with poutine, moose, and Celine Dion.

Ryan Reynolds Sitting Alone On Canada Day 

Canada Day 2019 didn't seem very eventful for Reynolds. While he did attend the ceremony on Parliament Hill, TV crews caught the actor sitting alone surrounded by empty chairs while starring blankly.

The photos and videos quickly circulated the internet and became the meme of the month for the rest of July.

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