Canada Is One Of The Best Countries To Visit In 2019 According To The World Economic Forum

Canada is a pretty great place to be, especially for tourists. According to the World Economic Forum, Canada is one of the best countries to visit in 2019. This year's rankings have Canada in the top 10!

Canada is ranked ninth in the world out of 140 economies the World Economic Fund looked at for its 2019 Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Index. While it may be disappointing that we didn't get the top spot, being in the top 10 is still an incredible feat.

Canada has held a solid spot in the top ten in previous years, ranking tenth in 2015 and ninth in 2017 with its overall score improving slightly with each new ranking.

"[The index] measures the set of factors and policies that enable the sustainable development of the travel and tourism sector, which contributes to the development and competitiveness of a country," the report on the index states. 

To get the rankings, four different areas of tourism are looked at: infrastructure, natural and cultural resources, national travel and tourism policy, and enabling environement. Those areas are then broken down into 14 subcategories.

While the first three areas are pretty self-explanatory, the enabling environment is a little trickier. Basically it means things that enable the environment for tourism like safety, hygiene, and business. 

Canada's ranking means that the country has a pretty good score in most of the areas the World Economic Fund looked at.

Canada performs really well in the Americas and is a top scorer in the safety and security, environmental sustainability, and air transport infrastructure categories. 

The only country in the region with more top scores across the categories is the U.S.

We earn the top score in safety and security because of our "reliable police force" and in environmental sustainability because of "environmental regulatory enforcement."

Canada gets the top score for air transport infrastructure not only in the Americas but in the whole word. The country ranks number one when it comes to that area of travel thanks to our high-quality air infrastructure, high airport density, airline route capacity and number of operating carriers."

There were also high world rankings given for infrastructure (6), tourist service infrastructure (8), human resources and labour market (11), natural resources (11) and natural and cultural resources (13).

Unfortunately, Canada didn't get stellar ratings in every single category. 

The country lags behind in health and hygiene (52), international openness (61) and price competitiveness (107). 

But it's not all bad. At the ninth spot, Canada's overall score is 5.1 which is not far off from Spain which has the number one spot with a score of 5.4.  

If there's anything to take away from these rankings it's that Canada has a lot to offer tourists ranging from transportation infrastructure to natural landscapes to safety. 

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