Best Employers In Canada List For 2020 Includes Four Universities

Finding a job with a great company in an industry you enjoy can be hard, especially if you don't know what the employers are like. However, a handy new list is here to help you with that. The best employers in Canada list for 2019 includes four universities. It pays to stay in school, literally.

For 20 years now, the Canada's Top 100 Employers project has been working to figure out which businesses are the best in their industries at offering Canadians exceptional workplaces.

The list for 2020 was announced on November 22 and there is such a wide range of organizations. With representatives from so many different industries, there's something for everyone.

Four Canadian institutions of higher learning made the list — Simon Fraser University, Université de Montréal, University of New Brunswick, and University of Toronto.

The project looked at the recruitment histories of almost 100,000 businesses across the country and was able to narrow that down to 100.

The selection process is based on factors including physical workplace, work and social atmosphere, benefits, vacation and time off, employee communications, performance management, training and skills development, and community involvement.

Simon Fraser University 

Not only is Simon Fraser one of the top finalists in the country for 2020, in 2019, the school was also recognized as one of Canada's most family-friendly options and one of B.C.'s top employers.

For the eight factors the project looked into, the university got three A+ grades, one A, and one B. The only grade below that was a C+ for employee engagement and performance.

You can look for job openings at Simon Fraser here.

Why it was chosen: It provides generous maternity and paternity leave, on-site childcare, resources to help create awareness of diversity and inclusion on campus, and a benefit pension plan and health benefits that extend to retirees.

Université de Montréal

Along with being a top choice for 2020, Université de Montréal was also selected in 2019 as one of the nation's top family-friendly employers and one of the best in Montreal.

They received B- to A+ grades for every factor considered, and you can look for open positions here.

Why it was chosen: It supports continuing education with tuition waivers for employees, family-friendly benefits like maternity and parental leave, on-site childcare, and peer-nominated awards to recognize work done by their staff members.

University of New Brunswick

The University of New Brunswick, one of the first public universities in North America, was also named one of Atlantic Canada's top employers for 2019.

For all of the factors looked at, they got B to A+ grades. You can look for job openings here.

Why it was chosen: It helps employees plan for the future with a benefit pension plan, has many awards for exceptional performance, and a variety of on-campus amenities like a meditation room, a fitness facility, and a cafeteria with healthy and special diet menus.

University of Toronto

The University of Toronto was also named one of the most desirable workplaces for Canadians over 40, one of the most family-friendly, and one of the best in the GTA for 2019.

The only factor where this institution of higher learning didn't get an A or A+ was work atmosphere and communications, but it still got a B+.

You can look for job openings here.

Why it was chosen: It offers an extensive range of awards to celebrate employees like teaching awards and administrative awards, parental leave and top-up payments available to mothers, fathers and adoptive parents, and a benefits pension plan that offers health coverage even to retirees.

To see all of the organizations that made the list as one of Canada's Top 100 Employers, go here.

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