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12 Countries Canadians Can Travel To Where The Canadian Dollar Is High

Make your dollar go further when travelling.
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12 Countries Canadians Can Travel To Where The Canadian Dollar Is High

Even though Canada is a great place, Canadians still get the itch to travel the world and see the sights. But you've got to be smart about where and how you spend your money especially when it comes to exchange rates. We've got the best places for Canadians to travel to because of great currency exchange rates.

The Canadian dollar doesn't always perform the greatest when compared to other countries but despite its exchange rate not being worth enough bang for your buck in a lot of countries, there are still places where the Canadian dollar is high

Because so many countries have unique currencies, when travelling or even just planning to travel, it's important to compare the currencies of other countries to Canada's. 

"Every year there seems to be a sudden spike in the value of the loonie, getting us into a hopeful frenzy, only to be inevitably let down by our currency’s inevitable dip a short while later," according to GreedyRates

Here are 12 countries from all over the world where you'll get the most out of the Canadian dollar.


There are so many things to do in Argentina. One Argentine peso is worth CA$0.023. While you're there, your Canadian money will go a long way.


If last year was anything to go by, Canadians love Mexico. According to Mexico News Daily, travel to the country was up 10% from the previous year. In Mexico, CA$0.069 will get you one peso.


Tanzania has the second-best exchange rate with the Canadian dollar on this list. One Tanzanian shilling is worth CA$0.00057.


Here is where you'll get the most bang for your buck on this list. One Indonesian rupiah is worth a staggering CA$0.000093. So, a Canadian dollar will get you a long way in Indonesia.


The Indian rupee is also a good currency when it comes to exchanging the Canadian dollar. One rupee is worth CA$0.018.


A single Egyptian pound is worth CA$0.081. So taking in the rich history of the country will be easier on the wallet because of how high the Canadian dollar is.


The Polish złoty is one of the higher currencies on the list so it's not the best like the Indonesian rupiah but it's still good. A single złoty is worth CA$0.34.


Of all the countries on this list, Belize is where the Canadian dollar is worth the least. But that doesn't mean the exchange rate isn't good. A Belize dollar is worth only CA$0.65. So, it's not the best on the list but it's far from the worst.

The Philippines

The Philippines has more than 7,000 islands and Makati City was named the Selfie Capital of the World in 2014. In the Philippines, CA$0.026 will get you a single peso.


Thailand also has a good exchange rate with the Canadian dollar. One Thai baht is worth CA$0.043.


Morocco, home of the famous Casablanca, is also pretty good for Canadians. A single dirham in Morocco will only cost you CA$0.14.


Lounging on the beach is a bit easier in Brazil since you won't be stressing about how much Canadian money you had to exchange. In Brazil, one real is worth CA$0.32.

Even though the Canadian dollar will get you a lot in these places, there could also be potential risks associated with visiting some of them. Before you make travel plans, check Canada's travel advisories to make sure where you want to go is safe.

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